Mr. & Mrs. K

I wanted to share some pics from about 5 weeks ago. A dear friend of mine from high school got married. Kalina is her name. See, I never ever thought she would get married. She was a bit (ha ha) crazy. Never thought she would settle down. I don't think she even thought she would settle down. (I think we all have a friend like this.) Then she met this fabulous man who won her over. They have been together a handful of years now. They even bought a house! (Woa, Nelly! Big big big for Kalina because this meant commitment!) Now they are married. And so so happily. They have a beautiful relationship. I am just so happy for she and Ben. (And of course, Linus, the doggie!)

I had the amazing privledge to shoot Kalina and Ben's wedding. And what fun it was. I love love love shooting weddings of friends or family. I have the BEST time. They always let me make my visions work. It's always so much fun. I'm never as relaxed with what I do than I am with friends and family.

Here are a couple pics. Just a few of the couple themselves. The rest of are myself, Maia (11 mos), my best friend, Natalie, her daughter, Bella (1-1/2), and then Kalina. The great thing about our friendships is that when we are together, it's always the same. No matter how long time goes on between our visits.

Beautiful wedding, Kalina & Ben. Thank you for including me. Love always to you.


Alexis said...

I LOVE your dress! Where did you get it?

Val said...

Hey, thanks girlie! Where do ya think? No other than Von Maur. It's super comfy and versatile. (Do I sound like a saleslady?) But once I'm not nursing any longer I prob won't be able to keep the darn thing up! lol I can check out the racks for you if you want me to. Let me know, cuz you knowI would!