Katydid & Valley

My dear friend, Katie and her hubby, David, came for a visit a few weeks ago. Bless her for coming (just to see me!) such a long ways pregnant and uncomfortable from Chicago!

Yes, she is preggie. Due any day now. It's very bittersweet because one year ago I was in Katie's shoes. I cannot believe Maia is almost 1. My pregnancy with her was amazing. And now, this time of year, I have a special connection with the month, the weather, the pumpkins, the colorful dropping leaves, everything about October holds a special place in my heart. Not only did I have Maia in October, but Noah as well. Just 3 days apart. Well, ok, so I don't have two children 3 days apart, but exactly 2 year and 3 days apart. So I love October, and it just makes me even that more excited for Katie. Plus, I know I will never be pregnant again. So embracing my memories of one year ago is what I find myself doing a lot lately.

I did some maternity photos of Katie while she was here. We had a lot of fun doing them. I still haven't gotten those pictures to Katie, but I think she's got other things on her mind right now. When we go visit she, David and baby K in early November to take newborn pictures, I will then bring her their maternity ones. (Better late than never, right?!)

So my best to you, dear friend. You are going to be the most fabulous, loving, caring mother. David will be just the same as a father. No two people are more deserving of a new beautiful life than you two. I can't wait to meet the baby!

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