Kind words

Part of my grieving process is writing about the loved one lost and sharing my thoughts with friends & family. I've been very forunate to have a really strong support network. And it's all because people have been open to hearing my stories and I have been open to receiving their thoughts back. I've had an endless amount of support in dealing with grandpa's death. And because of that, I would like to share some of them with you.

"I'm so sorry to hear the news, but just remember he is in a better place and is looking down on you & the rest of your family. Our prayers are with you."

"Sorry to hear about losing your grandpa and the other problems. It is really hard losing the ones we love. I know there's not much anyone can say to take the pain away but I can tell you from personal experience that over the years you will be surprised at how much your grandpa will be with you and in you. He will always be a part of you because of the relationship you had with him. It's meant to be that way I think. I'm glad you were with him at the end of his life here."

"Please know that I'm praying hard for you and all of your family in these coming days. Your grandpa is a lucky man to have you in his life. I'm glad everything went well for him in his last moments, and that you got to be with him. That's a blessing you won't ever lose--on top of all the blessings of his life, you now also have the blessing of his peaceful death. I hope all goes well for you all with all of the togetherness and decisions and grieving to come. Peace to you all."

"Praying for your whole family. They say that good things can come out of every situation, and your family growing closer is a gift that your grandpa is giving you. That is a wonderful thing. I hope that in these final hours you can draw strength in that.

Whether I am 12 minutes or 12 hours away, know that I am always here for you. If you need **anything** please do not hesitate to call. Even if it is at 2 am."

"I often think that death holds all words because we want to calm our emotions by hiding them in our minds but our hearts ache with each thought whether beauty or black. I think writing a love letter to you father about all good thoughts of your Grandpa would give him the strength he needs. Starting from the earliest years and moving forward to the very day that you held his fragile hand that eased his soul to pass to our Almighty God in heaven. You are such a strong woman and Your beauty will forever shine because of your love for people."

"Dear Valerie - I don't know what it is, but somehow the death of a family member can bring out in the open hidden hurts and unforgiveness that just takes your breath away - but our God is all about healing and restoration -He is all about forgiveness - so I join my prayers with yours and others who know that His will is for all brothers to dwell in Peace - I pray for your own heart as you watch and pray - for your sweet young family - Praying for God's strength to carry you through all of this - as it is His strength that truly carries us everyday --- just some days we notice our need for it more =0)
Blessings on you and your family - may you draw close to each other as you draw near to Him."

I have one friend who always says this to me and it makes my heart so happy: "Keep your chin up little lady."

All I can say is, even though I am grieving and the loss is hard, I am rediscovering some things, and that is, how grateful, caring and loving people...my friends...are. Thank you everyone for your love & support. Means more than you will ever know.

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