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With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to tell you some of my favorite websites to explore and shop. Maybe at one of the sites you will find yourself in an "ah-ha!" moment where you all the sudden find the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for person? And if not, well, it will just give you something to do when you find yourself in need of some website surfing to pass the time. Enjoy.

~ So I am addicted to baby boutiques. Here are a few of my very favorites!
~ Baby Dooda
~ Blabla Kids
~ The Retro Baby
~ Uncommonly Cute
~ Craftsbury Kids

~ Bella Luce - things like Peruvian Chocolate Moisturizing Syrup - can you say 'heavenly'?!
~ Madallie - perfect if you travel w/ kids a lot and need new things for them to do!
~ Patemm - Ok, these are awesome. They make diaper changing time easier when you are on the go. I don't have one but know of people who do and say how much they love them!
~ Anthropologie ~ My favorite of all time clothing shop
~ Playthings Past - for old-fashioned fun toys
~ Fat Brain Toys - another great toy site that I like to surf
~ Zebra Hall - ok, and just one more toy shop, I promise!
~ Poppie Girl - I love different and this site has that. Cute hand made jewelry and tees.
~ Baby Bento - this site is great if you like sushi or know someone who does. Cute sushi-inspired baby items. . . yum.
~ Jenni Bick - beautiful hand made journals, albums, papers. . . so pretty
~ One Good Bumble Bee - fun 80's inspired stationery and more! I guess you are starting to realize how much I personally love snail mail!

~ Miss Lovely - hand made pretties of all kinds!
~ Etsy - this is one of my favorite places in the internet world!
~ Dog Like Nature - one of the most unique stores online (that I have found) dedicated to your precious pooches
~ Calliope Boutique - a fun, unique and creative store of all kinds of finds
~ Valerie Confections - ok, so I had to put this one in here. It's chocolates made by a girl named Val!
~ Absolutely Audrey - if you need something to make you and your shoes even more unique, try this site.
~ Bibelot - absolutely beautiful things - my favorite sections are the jewelry and baby section of this site
~ What on Earth - this site is great because it's made for the hard-to-buy-for person
~ Nest - more hand made stuff - I just can't get enough of it!
~ Tennessee T-cakes - I got an email from these people and it made my mouth water
~ Zevro - I just love cereal, so I love these
~ Femail Creations - thanks to Kristin, I've been hooked on this one for a long time
~ Groovy Paper - 'personalized stationery for the cool kid and hip adult'
~ Uncommon Goods - great gifs for everyone, including guys!
~ Active Endeavors - another favorite clothing site
~ Shop Heidi - this one is in lieu of my friend, Heidi. It's adorable wrappings that actually remind me of her.
~ Color Warp pc - this is a neat site where you can get your Macs custom colored! (Alexis!!)
~ Organic Bouquet - absolutely beautiful flowers of all kinds
~ Fred Flare - more fun 80's inspired clothing and gifts
~ Zipper Gifts - great gifts of all kinds - modern, vintage, for kids, for dogs, you get the picture

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Cerella said...

Holy MOLY! I'm gonna be busy for DAAAAYYYYYSSSS! Thanks Val!