Diary ~ 1945-1946

While going through pictures I have stumbled across some really interesting things. One being my grandma's diary from when she was in her teens. My grandpa is mentioned all over the place. They've been together since they were in high school - both, actually, going to the same high school I went to. I wanted to post a couple exerpts. It's so fun reading about how excited she was about buying a new dress or lipstick or how she ventured out one day parting her hair differently and wrote about it . . .

March 12, 1945 ~ Oh this spring weather! Gee, all I can think about is Duane. Oh I hope he loves me, but he's just got to believe that he's the one for me. He just has to. Dale's name in draft list in paper today. Gee, I'm tired. Didn't get to bed till 1:30 this morning. Duane broke window in car. Wrote to him.

March 13, 1945 ~ Duane came down this evening. We made out by the lake and around. Stopped by the beach. Ate at the "Hitching Post". Had a swell time but he was pretty tired. Had his front tooth worked on this morning.

July 4, 1945 ~ Ironed all morn. Duane called twice this aft. Dedication of honor roll at Argenta this aft. but didn't go. This was the most wonderful eve we've ever spent together! Went out to the beach, to the carnival, and to Argenta later. All Duane talked about was me, us and how much he loves me and that made me so happy. He said some things I've been wanting to hear for a long time. Everything was perfect!!! Wore my new white eyelet. Duane teased me all eve. I'll never forget tonight.

Oct 10, 1945 ~ Gee, what a wonderful eve. The folks were gone and Duane came down about 7:30. We left and parked - car wouldn't start when ready to go - but finally did! What a time!! Went to Decatur. Bought some hamburgers - came home and ate them and drank milk. Golly, love is wonderful! Duane left about 12:15. Wish we were married and this was our house. It'd be so different.

Oct 30, 1945 ~ What a day - felt like the dickens. Nice day - again - almost like spring. Folks in town. Plenty lonesome this eve. Washed and ironed some things. Fixed hair different - middle part.

June 10, 1946 ~ Back to work. Can't say I'm especially glad but not bad. Swell to see the kids. 4 new girls. Seem nice. Got daddy and Ruth lots of candy. They painted kitchen. Evelyn on vacation. Washed, ironed. I'm lonesome.

July 3, 1946 ~ Bought new lipstick - metal tube! Got Duane 3 t-shirts Tues. He sure was pleased. Everybody in town this eve. Took bath, washed hair, ironed. Betty came over for a while. Called Duane.

I could go on and on. I just love reading this diary. My great-uncle, when he was a youngin' got his hand caught in corn dump and cut off 4 fingers and palm. She has it all recorded. Really interesting to read about it. I've only know my uncle this way, with a "hook" on his hand. It's really interesting to read how it actually happened and how upset the entire family was.

Anyway, that's that. Just wanted to share. I love love love history. Especially my own. I'm leanring so much. I'm happy I can share this with you all. Especially since a lot of the family reads my blogs. Kelsie, especially, seems quite interested in her great-grandma and grandpa. She is 13. I'm excited that she shares a joy in this as I do.


Corie said...

That is so great, that you have your Grandma's diary to look back on. I bet it is wild to "hear" her as a teen!!!
Thanks for sharing parts of it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

That is an amazing read. You are so lucky to have such a reminder of your grandparents history.


Michelle said...

That is so neat to read! Love it! It's so neat to have that piece of history!