Ella Bella Bo-bella

Let me introduce you to my first niece on Neil's side of the family, Miss Ella Catheryn. She is also Maia's favorite cousin and one of her best friends! Actually, Maia and Ella are 7 weeks apart in age. They seem to be going through the exact same milestones together at the same time - how neat (crawling, walking, teeth, refusing to be fed by mom or dad, etc.)! Hard thing is, Ella moved away. Far away to Oklahoma in July. But (there's a but!) we will most likely see her at least twice a year from now on, hopefully more. Totally depends on how often they can get back "home" and how often we can get out there to see them. Thankfully each summer we have our (hope to be "annual") family vacation to look forward to where Ella and Maia can catch up and annoy the heck out of (big brother/big cousin) Noah. Last summer it was Door Co, and this coming summer it will be Lake of the Ozarks. There are definite perks to them moving to Oklahoma - free tickets to Sooner games (goooo Sooners!!), a trip cross-country for us, family vacations in more southern places, speed limits which exceed 70 mph (!!), valuable family time in the car (or plane, or train?), and hopefully I will think of more. (Chel, more perks, please!) Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures of Miss Ella the Fabulous! Exciting news - we get to see her in just one month!! Woo-hoo!

One day Ella may not appreciate her Aunt Val putting up a nakie picture of her


Alexis Jacobs said...

What a proud Auntie!!

Michelle said...

I think the annual family vacation is going to be a tradition that the kids grow to love (the adults too!)

Even though we are so far away, all this awesome technology (which you're helping me learn all about;) ) makes us feel like we still are close! Ella just loves seeing Noah and Maia on the puter!

It just makes the time that we do spend together all the more special!!