Watch out, Noah!

Maia is walking!! She has been taking a few steps here and there for over a week now, but last night she did 6-7 steps to daddy. A bit wobbly of course, but she was so proud!

With weaning Maia from nursing, this comes at just the rght time. Moving on from one amazing moment in mommyhood to another. I am so excited. The fun is definitely only beginning.

Watch out, Noah, here she comes!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I missed it. **sniff sniff**

WTG Maia!!!

Michelle said...

Woohoo Miss Maia!

You and Ella can take a walk together when we come visit:)

Val said...

I know :( If you had your puter cam, I could show you!! lmbo . . . you know I had to throw that in there!