Wiz Teeth

I get my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow morning. I'm nervous as heck. I need good "it-will-be-ok" vibes. Think of me at 8:00 tomorrow morning.


Alexis Jacobs said...

((hugs)) You will be fine. Text me in your drug induced haze so I know you are okay.

Anissa said...

Don't worry Val you'll be fine. I have a toothache that keeps coming and going and I'm not going to the dentist till after x-mas!!

Enjoy the medication!

Cerella said...

It's such a rare occasion that I'm up this early! So, I wanted to send good vibes your way & wish you a speedy recovery afterwards. :)

LiLi said...

Good Luck Val! I've had one pulled. I have to have another one pulled after the holidays. I have only one other one, and the dentist said it wasn't going to cause any harm so we should leave it alone. It's not a picnic, but on the other hand, you'll recover from it much faster than your c/s! :D xoxo

Michelle said...

By now, I hope that everything is over and you are doing just peachy!
I'm sure you went through like a champ!

Love ya!

Val said...

Thanks, guys! You're the greatest!