About to lose it

I really think I might lose it. Really.

See, I dropped my phone in soda (open cup) on Thanksgiving night. I called insurance and made a claim, believing 100% that I had signed up for insurance. I never heard from them. I tried calling them a couple days ago and they needed the phone's make and model before we could proceed. I had no idea what that was. I was calling from this temporary home of ours and didn't have that phone with me. Why would I? So I had to wait till we could get it from the house. I called them this morning and the insurance that I swear I thought I had, told me I didn't. So I called Verizon and they also told me I never signed up for it. WHAT?! I swear that I did! I swear. But there's nothing I can do. Now I have to go back to the store today and buy ANOTHER freaking phone. Another $300 down the drain. Lesson here: always always get phone insurance and always always make sure and then double check again, that the phone rep actually signs you up for it. When they asked if I wanted phone insurance, I replied "yes". They hit "no". Oh this sucks.

Then we had to call an electrician about our power line. They have to be the ones to actually put our line back on the house because that mechanism was broken. We have been told it could be a couple days to a week or more before they can come and fix that. And of course our power hasn't been hooked back up at all yet, period. So, needless to say, we are without power still (and it could be till Tuesday before that's back) and I am just about to lose it. I want to go home. I want to sleep in my bed. I want to see my animals. I want to be able to do my work. I am soooo behind now. The kids are so bored. I am bored. We're just going a little nuts-o here. It will probably be Thursday at the earliest that we are back home. ONE WEEK WITH NO POWER, ONE WEEK AWAY FROM HOME, ONE WEEK WITH TEMPS AT FREEZING IN OUR HOUSE. I need some hugs. Please?


Johanna said...

Val!!! We are thinking about you!!!

Anissa said...

Poor girl. Chin up. Just try to think of it this way..all of that money you are saving for not paying an electric bill can go towards your new phone! Go crazy girl get a pink razor with all the bells and whistles. Oh yeah, with a camera phone. That would be right up your alley! Then...take a picture of the contract you are going to sign for insurance! ;)

Michelle said...

(((Hugs))) all the way from OK!!

Corie said...

I bet you are ready to lose your mind! But, hang in there girly!!!
We'll be praying that the power co. gets you up and running sooner rather than later!

Until then, sit down with a nice hot cup of tea! Celestial Seasonings makes a tension tamer tea that I hear is terrific! :)

Lots 'o hugs to you and your family!!!!

Jen said...


LiLi said...

Oh VaL! :( I'm so sorry you guys are still going through this! Ice storms SUCK! (((((HUGS)))))