Hello, my name is Valerie . . .

. . . and I am obsessed with vacuuming.

I admit it. I LOVE TO VACUUM. I love seeing lines in my carpet. I love not seeing dog or cat hair on the floor. Even when the rest of my house is not clean, having a vacuumed floor makes me feel like my house is spotless. Makes me feel like I accomplished a lot. Am I crazy? Probably. But at least I admit it.

So K's Merchandise is going out of business. And so we bought a new vacuum. Neil said, "this can be one of your Christmas presents". I excitedly said, "OK!" with a huge smile.

So I used my new vacuum today. I am in love. It's amazing! It's called a "Vax". And today Neil emailed me about the "Vax". The title of his email said "Vax?". The first thought that came to mind was 'he's writing me about a vasectomy? Huh?'. I opened it up and he was talking about purchasing the vacuum. Ha ha ha ha. Funny. Where they got the name, I don't know? But here is the website. Check it out yourself. And here's a picture.
If you are in need of purchasing a new vacuum and want to try it out, feel free to come on over. I'd be happy to get it out for ya. Or wait, maybe it would already be out? Anyway, isn't it snazzy?!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I love to vacuum too!!! We have been in the market for a new one for a while, but I feel the ties to my old one and can't bear to give it up. (It was a wedding present LOL)

Matt said that K's must have gone out because we moved and we helped support their store LOL

Cerella said...

Will you bring that vacuum over to my house for a test drive? heehee :)

Corie said...

When we get out of our apartment with its hardwood floors(no, I still haven't purchased any area rugs!, I will be calling you for expert advice on what type of vacuum to buy!
Until then....have fun with your new "Vax"! :)

Anissa said...

Wow...what a vacuum. You might want to read the owner's manual maybe it has the capabilities of preforming a vasectomey!

Corie said...

Check this out.. I saw it and thought of you!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. My name is taylor. I am obsessed with vacuuming. Just like you i love seeing the lines but i think what i like most is the smell. My family and friends think im crazy. I don't know what it is. I vacuuming everyday! We just got a new Dyson and it is amazing!