I don't like deer

My friend, Kalina, is suppose to be coming to my house this evening and she just called from the side of the interstate. She hit a deer. She's really shaken up. I just have to say, I don't like deer. I know we are in their territory and they are attracted to light, but oh my God, they are big animals and to hit one is just very traumatic and not good. She's suppose to be calling me back soon. I just pray she is physically ok (she said she thought she was) and that her car is not in too bad of shape.

Kalina has been through the wringer. Her grandmother passed away two weeks ago. Her grandfather passed away on Friday. She's dealing with a lot. So if you are of the praying kind, please keep Kalina in your prayers. She is dealing with a huge plate full of not-so-great stuff.


leeshaswafford said...

I hope you friend is ok. I will be praying for her & her family. Losing a loved one is always difficult & the Holidays are always tough.

Jen said...

Deer are so beautiful but they make me so nervous...especially at night. So, they're pretty but I don't like them either. Hope Kalina is ok.