Dec 30th Christmas

So we had a Christmas gathering with my family last night at the "Community Building" in the small town where I am from. Was really nice. Just wish grandpa was there with us. It was "different" because he wasn't. I had a nice chit-chat with Anissa about our cameras . . . I could talk about cameras and photography all day long. The best part was getting our kids together. Noah is never one to instigate anything. He's a follower and really enjoys running after his cousins. Maia, however, likes being in the mist of the running and playing. She had a great time with mommy's cousin, Matt, who she just adores. And Maia's older cuz's had the best time with her. Here's a picture of Jake and Haley with Maia. I'd take a guess that she is their favorite as they are hers!


Anissa said...

Thanks so much for the pics Val. Jake and Haley love Maia-as we all do. I will be sure to send the pics that I took sometime tomorrow. I'm not feeling real well today so I'm going back to bed. I will get them to you I promise!

Alexis Jacobs said...

OMG look at Mais's hair!! What a cute bob!