Power update

We are still without. Big surprise, eh? Going on day #6. It's starting to feel like a bad dream that I'm going to wake up from soon. I heard yesterday that there are 3 National Guard units that were brought in to go door-to-door checking on people who are staying in their homes. I have a feeling there are LOTS of these people, too.

Also brought in have been dozens of outside power company units. So things are getting done, but we heard that the city governor is a bit peeved and not understanding why things are not being done quicker. (Yay governor!) So he had a press conference last night with Ameren IP (power co) and so hopefully now we'll see more done. Maybe. I hope.

Our neighbors, Randy and Vickie, across the street have stayed home. They work during the day, so they are warm at least then, and at night they huddle around the fireplace and sleep on the living room floor. They also have a cat and 2 dogs, so I think they're just all curling up together and trying to make the most of it, if that's at all possible anymore.

And then last night, we met our friends, Brian and Jeff, out for dinner. They are without power as well. And they, too, are staying at home. They have 5 dogs, a cat, fish and snake. They took the fish to a local aquarium so they would not die, and then just took the snake to a friend's house. He was probably close to dying. I worry about Jeff and Brian, though. It is so cold. And they don't have their fireplace going because they cannot for some reason. They tried warming the house by boiling water on the stove and that just created a condensation mess as you can imagine. Now they finally have a small kerosene heater. Thank God! These boys are roughin' it! Keep them, and the thousand others who are trying to survive in this cold at home, in your prayers. We had a great time with them last night. We don't seee them all that often anymore because having kids makes it really difficult sometimes. But I'm thankful we had such a nice time with them last night. They are great friends.

Then Alexis told me that our friend, Jamie, is also staying at home. And she does not have a fireplace. She has 2 dogs and a cat. Her kids and hubby went to stay with his parents. But Jamie is at home with a kerosene heater. Thankfully she loves to read! She's probably read her entire collection thus far. But we're worried about her. I need to get in my car today and go check on her. Each one dealing with this seems to have their own story . . . their own battles and worries. Thinking of you, J!

I almost forgot to mention that we went home for a couple minutes last night. The kids stayed in the car and I ran in. I cried. It's so hard to see your house so lifeless and cold. I want to go back! And when we do, it's going to be such a mess.

My heart . . . my love! . . . goes out to my friends and family who are still stuck in this same situation. I hope we see light soon. I pray we have heat soon. Maybe we'll hear more today about this situation. And I especially hope we can look back on this one day and say "I survived the worst ice storm of our generation!".

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Michelle said...

Hope they get things worked out soon and you can go back to your warm, cozy home! Hope everyone can!