Yet another powerless update

Alexis wrote a really touching entry in her blog about us here in Illinois still without power. Please take the time to check it out here.

Thanks, Alexis.

Today's update: Still without power (imagine that!). We went home last night again to check on the kitties and grab some more things. Everything seems to be ok. Our line to the house has not been touched. We have lots of phone calls to make today. It doesn't seem like anything is happening. This was fun in the apartment for one day but I can't take it anymore. We're getting out today for the first time. I am going to go crazy if I do not. I may just have to get one Venti Vanilla Latte this morning and then another one when we come back. Coffee is the only thing keeping me sane I think. I can smell it brewing now . . .

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Keeping fingers crossed that some action takes place today!

Enjoy that coffee. You deserve it.


PS: Get that phone!!