I'm really behind with getting my pictures downloaded, organized and online. Hey, what's new? So I finally did get around to at least downloading pictures from Christmas. I haven't even touched but about a half dozen out of about 100. But after skimming through, these have got to be my faves.

My brother made it home for Christmas this year from Kansas City. It was really wonderful getting to be with him. It's a treat because it only happens once or twice a year anymore. He also brought his beautiful girls. What fun the cousins had and what fun we all had watching them. I really wish I got to see the girls more often, but I am really grateful for the time I did have with them. They sure hammed it up for me, too.

Christina, The Jeweled Princess

Christianna ~ she's a spittin' image of my brother ~ attitude, big feet and all!

Trying on Aunt Val's glasses ~ so glam.


Cerella said...

Wow! They look JUST like your brother! Too cute! :)

Michelle said...

Very cute! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Your nieces are getting so big. :-)

Anissa said...

I cannot believe how big the girls are getting! Very cute!