It's 2007!

I cannot believe I have such a boring life that I am online right now and not out partying it up with my hubby and friends bringing in the brand new year. At least I actually made it to midnight and Neil & I were up together.

On to 2007 . . . a new huge journey awaits us.

Happy New Year everyone!


Cerella said...

Haha! I'm a big dork also. We brought the new year in by playing Scrabble. Now, it's time for bed. zzzzzzz

Corie said...

Happy New Year to you too Val!!!
2007, can you believe it?!?!

Anissa said...

Happy New Year! Don't feel bad I was able to stay awake for the New Year but feel asleep on the couch in the middle of a party at a friend's house. I didn't feel good though I have a terrible cold so I don't want to come across completly weird. Anyway, just wanted to make you feel better!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Happy New year!!