I have this cat . . .

. . . and he is pulling his hair out like crazy. And I don't know why.

I had one other cat, Chloe, who shortly after Noah was born, started licking her hair, behind her legs, tail, on her back and belly, completely off. We found out later, after about 8 months of this resulting in an almost-hairless cat, that she was depressed and had high anxiety from the new baby. So instead of putting her on anti-depressants, the vet (my AWESOME kitty vet!) recommended us just giving her more attention because she felt abandoned since the baby had arrived. So we did just that . . .loved and petted her more than we ever had, and the rest is history. Her hair is 100% back and she looks, once again, like one of my nomally-fat full-of-hair cats.

Now we have a problem with Heinz. Not sure what is wrong and I'm not sure I want a vet bill (yet) to find out the culprit. Which is why I'm posting this here. Maybe someone out there can help?

Heinz is losing huge chunks of hair. At first I thought, wow, he really going through a shedding phase. But it's been going on for a couple weeks now and it's not just a little here and there. It's CHUNKS. I looked him over really well and he doesn't appear to have any fleas. And he gets plenty of attention because he is my cuddle-dud who sleeps with me and cuddles all day long. And most of this hair is coming fom his back. Could he be sick? Maybe he just has allergies that we never noticed before? Anyone know? It's driving me nuts and apparently something is driving him nuts, too.

Help my kitty, please!!

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