In lieu of Alexis, and her die-hard respect and loyalty for her alma matar, we did a bold thing on Monday night. We not only rooted big time for Ohio State University, but we also dressed Maia in an OSU cheerleading dress (which was once Sam's). So Brad, Chel, dad, Bill, Pat, & Heather and lots of my family members are not going to be too excited about these pictures, but I had to share. Doesn't she look too cute in Red and White?! What a crazy game it was Monday night, but also so exciting! OSU really tried to hold their own. Hope you're feeling better, AJ. I know some "beverages" really kicked your arse ;)

Missy watching very observantly



Alexis Jacobs said...

I have to say Maia looks quite happy being an OSU cheerleader!!!! That is too freaking cute. I'll make sure I send you Chris's jersey for Noah when he outgrows it ::wink wink::

Too bad OSU bit the big one... :-(

Michelle said...

I am not opposed to the colors she's wearing!! ;)

Actually, I was rooting for OSU on Monday night too! It has to just be something with that stadium where they played!!

Jen said...

Adorable!! She's not a baby anymore. She's a little girl. She needs pom poms.