Three Kings Shindig

Our very good friends, Jeff and Brian, have this kick-butt amazing party every year called "The Three Kings Party". It always rocks. This year, even with our kids in tow, we went. I never have the chance to get out so this was my chance. My mom, also good friends with Jeff and Brian, met us there. The food is always scrumptious - I have never ate anything there that I did not like and I am always walking away wanting the recipes. This year it was the pasta salad and the vodka-soaked grapes. Yum. Our kids were there for a bit, but it was the only way in order to be able to, even for a tiny bit. And Jeff and Brian truly never care. They were quite mesmerized by their salt water aquariums and Noah kept wanting to go see their snake. Their tree was decked out in beautiful Mardi Gras colors. Their entire house just sparkled. They really know how to throw a party. I'll never forget the first year they had the party (quite a few years ago now, I do believe!) one lady-friend of Jeff and Brian's walked up to the door and exclaimed, "Who are those wise guys out front there?". She was talking about the light-up plastic figures on their door step of the Three Wise Men. It was hysterical and I'll never forget it. It's always brought up at one point or another in the night. Anyhow, again, like always, the party was a success and here are a few pics from the evening. The kids really grabbed my attention watching them explore in J & B's house so the pics are of course, mostly of them. Thanks again, guys! You are the best hostesses ever!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a blast :-)

Jen said...

Val, you look so beautiful in the pics. And, of course, your kids always are. :)

Michelle said...

Looks like you all had a fun time! Good to get out, huh?! Even with the kiddos :)