Uberlist 2007

These items on the Uberlist are not resolutions. These are a list of things I want to do now, this year, as soon as possible before I get too old to even care anymore. Things I want to improve, places I want to go, ways I want to be a better "me", outings with friends, and so on. Hope it inspires you to create a list. I hate New Year's resolutions. These are things that I don't necessarily have to do this year, but things I want to do, or at least try and do. Things that I can easily carry on to the next year, but still, things I want to do asap. I got this idea from this blog. Enjoy!


  • continue to eat every meal at the dining room table unless it's "picnic night"
  • visit Neil's grandmother more often, she is our last remaining grandparent
  • utilize children activities in my area more, like the play area at the mall, the library, Baby Talk with Jennifer, The Children's Museum, parks, etc.
  • videotape family more
  • dedicate Sunday to family time only
  • never skip church
One-Time Tasks
  • finally download Chicago pictures from summer, burn CD for Heather & mom
  • upload Neil's Japan pictures
  • do Beth's pictures in Photoshop and burn CD for her
Personal Goals
  • get back into yoga
  • try pilates finally
  • meet with a lawyer to revise our will
  • waste less time online
  • save money
  • home: quit stockpiling & hoarding, throw more away
  • regular car cleaning
  • home: finish up and put away laundry within 24 hours of starting it
  • fun: Read more of my chic lit books; make more time for reading period
  • personal growth: tell my dear friends and family members how much I love them, and do it more often, just say "I love you" more
  • cook more homemade meals for my family - try new recipes, at least once a week to start!
  • listen to more music - it relaxes and rejuvenates me, especially my folk tunes
  • shopping: only buy things I REALLY need
  • sell the rest of my ebay things this year - two tubs full of things
  • keep my email emptied out and organized, respond promptly!
  • organize my photos
  • organize my scrapbooking, sell my un-needed items
  • organize my office better
  • organize old client negatives/files - toss weddings older than 3 years
  • read magazines and catalogs promptly, throw out regardless after 2 months
  • get back into the flow of using my creativity in other mediums: drawing & painting, for example
  • finally get my pictures in order starting from our wedding 7 years ago, then Noah, and then Maia
  • create albums for the above - nothing fancy that requires a lot of time and money, just simple - I need to make it as easy as possible or I will waste a lot of unnecessary time
  • write in my personal journal more, as well as my children's journals which I use to be so good at keeping up on
  • make an effort to spend one day a week shooting pictures with my D200 of my children instead of my little point-and-shoot
  • make time for the small creative projects I have put off in Maia and Noah's rooms
  • redesign my website
  • buy Photoshop CS2
  • actually use my Wacom table or sell it
  • sell all unused items (cameras, lenses, filters, etc) that others could make use out of
  • calibrate my monitors monthly
  • clean up my computer desktops monthly
  • file income tax on time
  • save, save, save
  • make the most of my business while having the least amount of overhead
  • pay off my photography debt
  • finally pay off my college tuition
  • save for our 10-year wedding anniversary in 2 years - we want to go someplace out of the country but it's a secret ;)
  • Nat & Shawn: make more of an effort to visit them (and Bella & new baby) in St Louis
  • Kristin & Chris: make more of an effort to visit them (and Jack) in Peoria
  • Andrea & Rusty: make more of an effort to visit them (and Audrie) in Peoria
  • Matt & Anissa: while in Peoria meet up with them and the fam
  • Jen & Ryan: fly out to see them and Addy in Mississippi before October, hop over to New Orleans and reminisce
  • Alexis: fly out to see her and the fam in North Carolina, while there, drive over to see Lisa and fam in Virginia, possibly trek up - or meet halfway - Hen Jen in Maine
  • Brad, Chel and Ella: fly out to see them in Oklahoma
  • Jamie: meet her for lunch once/month, more if possible
  • Sara: shopping extravaganza with her in Chicago, spend more time in her new digs
  • Jason & Jo: see them and their new home in Chicago
  • Allison: make sure I see her at least twice/year
  • Heather: continue seeing her almost weekly and do a girly getaway (just her and I) over a weekend

  • eat healthier - more veggies and fruits, drink more water
  • schedule appts for my tonsilectomy (ENT) - finally! - and my appt with dermatologist
  • start back with yoga 3x/week
  • use lotion on a daily basis
  • paint my nails once a month (right now it's more like once a year, not kidding)
  • go back to getting twice/year spa pedicures
  • continue staying out of the sun
  • be more breast cancer aware

I am sure I will add to this in the coming days, maybe even weeks. I hope it inspires you to do one. I have a feeling as I cross things off my list, I will also be lifting a great amount of weight off my shoulders. I am really looking forward to doing just that. I am going to add this to my sidebar.


Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great list. If you put your mind and heart to it, they WILL happen. XOXO

Val, that's me said...

Sanks, Missy. xo back at ya.

Jen said...

I am so impressed. What a list! I need to do this, too. Funny how so many things on your list are what I've been thinking I need to do. Glad I'm on your visiting list!!! :) YAY!

Anissa said...

Can I just add some of my baggage to your list?

Corie said...

Val, I love the uberlist! I know I will have to post one of my own shortly!!! What a great idea! :)

Michelle said...

Good luck on the list!

You will be one traveling mama!

Can't wait for you to come visit:)