"Valerie Photography"

Just for fun I googled "Valerie Photography" and here are some sites that came up - some very creative, fun and unique fellow photographers! Thought I'd link'em.

Valerie Pyke Photography
Valerie Fischel Photography
Valerie Cochran
Val Burton Photography
Valerie Pedersen Photography
Valerie Simmons
Valerie Fleming
Valerie O'Sullivan
Valeri Hoffman
Valerie Yong Ock Kim
Valerie Baron Photography
Valerie Santagto
Valerie Benvenuti Photography

There are a lot of us "Valeries" out there with love & passion for the same thing. So very cool. My favorite, however, is still, kid you not, this one and this one.

And I came across another Valerie & Neil, married in Italy. I only wish I could say that is me! Take a look under "wedding galleries" - I believe "we" are the first gallery there. (hehe)

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