Decatur in 1914

There is so much talk right now in Decatur about the possibility of the Transfer House being moved back from Central Park to it's original location on Main Street. (Has it actually been decided, anyone know?)

Here I found a picture of what it looked like nearly 100 years ago. Pretty neat, eh? But there's no way this will work today (in my opinion) because they had trolley cars then and very few cars. People walked everywhere and relied tremendously on the trollies. It's a different day and age today. Putting the transfer house back on a street which is now super busy just does not make sense and it is not very feasible. I can't imagine what it will cost to do this, and the thought of damage occuring to the transfer house during the move makes me feel uneasy. The building is very fragile. I know I don't have any say and my opinion probably does not matter, but please, leave it where it is and let history be history. There are plenty of other things that need Decatur's attention and money spent on. Ok, enough said from me.

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Corie said...

Why are they even considering the move? I'm with ya- focus on other much needed things for the city!