My Favorite Oscar Moments

I thought Reese looked absolutely stunning. Being single again is working in her favor!

And Jennifer Hudson? I can't get enough of her. Winning and Oscar?! Hello!! She was just on American Idol and didn't even win! Look what she has shown Simon now! I bet he is sweatin' so bad wishing he had her under one of his contracts. Way to go, Jennifer! We are all so proud of you, and so is your grandmother looking down on you from above . . .

Maggie Gyllenhal - look how amazing she looks after just having a baby!

Penelope Cruz - I looooooved her dress. I would wear this one in a heart beat. Maybe I can get her to loan me this one for next year's Oscars at Jen's? Wait, it's Vintage Chanel. Probably not.

Will Ferrill, Jack Black and John C. Reilly, SO FUNNY!

And then my favorite part of the evening . . . Forest Whitaker's acceptance speech. His last line just stuck with me. We should all live our life with this sort of daily conviction, "I thank . . .God, who believes in us all - and who has given me this moment in this lifetime that I will hopefully carry to the end of my lifetime and into the next lifetime."

And Ellen. Perfect, just perfect. I hope she does it again in 2008. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.


LiLi said...

HUGE ellen fan, myself!!! :D I ADORE HER!!!!
Oh and I have a new shop for you to check out! :D
AND I'm having a Kelly's Kids party on Saturday, if you want to order anything, let me know! Laura is ordering some items, I believe! You can go to their website and look around -- www.kellyskids.com CUTE matching things for Noah and Maia!

Cerella said...

Ellen soo rocked! What a fun night of awards! I really hope that she will be back in 2008 as well! :)

Corie said...

Ellen was such a great host. I loved her Oscar Bjorn skit! She just cracks me up! I was so excited she managed to work some of her "trademark dancing" into the Oscars.

Oh, and Reese Witherspoon looked awesome! Couldn't agree with you more on that one!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto :)