A beautiful day in the neighborhood

This is Maia's face of discovery.

We finally had a beautiful day Tuesday with a high of 81. My friends in North Carolina, Oklahoma & Mississippi are always bragging (in a gentle way of course) about their warm weather in the south but now I can brag about it in Illinois! It's been absolutely perfect and so Tuesday the kids and I took advantage of it and we wandered into the back yard for the afternoon. It was Maia's real first time outside since she started walking, so it was one adventure, one discovery, after another. And it was quite fun for Noah, too, as he played along in Maia's big new advenrures.

I really like this picture even though I did take it on my small point-and-shoot.

Boys will be boys, especially my boy!

Catch me if you can!

My princess just eating up this outside stuff. She had a blast! I hope this wasn't our last time in this back yard, well, I kind of do because that means we've sold it. It's just, all the memories . . . I have such a tough time leaving behind memories . . .


Jen said...

wonderful photos
little kids love being outside dont they :)

Erin said...

Oh, your kids are beautiful. The weather looks beautiful as well. We still have so much snow.