The Mascara Incident

Yesterday, while putting on my makeup for my birtday night out, Noah decided to join me in makeup application. He loves putting on makeup. (Not sure if that's good or bad, but it's not at the top of my worry list!) So I put on my mascara and Noah wants it on also, but "by myself" he tells me. So I let him put it on and he puts it not on his eyelashes but on his eyebrows. I was laughing hysterically inside, but didn't want him to know I thought it was funny.

Well, then he found a mirror and he saw what he looked like. It kinda freaked him out. At first he smiled and seemed proud of himself but then I could not keep from laughing any longer so he got mad and wanted it off asap. So, I wet a washcloth and tried getting the dried thick mascara off his eyebrows. It would not all come off, but it was good enough.

Neil came home a bit early from work so mom and I could leave at 4:45 for Springfield. I only saw him for about 30 seconds before we were on our way. Not even enough time for a conversation to take place. Well, we get done with dinner at the restaurant and my phone is beeping. I had missed a call and it was Neil, so I called him back. This is how the conversation went:

Neil: (in a worried voice) "Did Noah hit his head today?"
Me: "Um, no, why?" (I was then worried thinking maybe he had a bad headache or was having seizures or something?!)
Neil: "Because his head and eyes look really bruised."
Me: "Oh my gosh, Neil! No, he didn't hit his head today, he put on mascara and I couldn't get it all off!"
Neil: "Ohhhhhhh. Well, I thought maybe it was makeup and I gave him a bath and it wouldn't come off, so I thought he had hit his head today. I kept asking him if his head hurt and he said 'no'."

I start laughing uncontrollably. My mom could figure out what was going on based on my side of the conversation so she was laughing like crazy as well. When I started laughing, Neil decided the conversation was over (embarrassed maybe? or maybe quite thankful that his son was okay?) and said goodbye.

Now tell me, is that not the funniest thing you have ever heard in a long time? For those of you that know Neil, you know he is very laid back about everything. For him to call me out of concern and ask me a question out of worry was quite different. And the thought of him giving Noah a bath in order to get it off and then asking him if his head hurt and Noah honestly answering 'no' just cracks me up! I'm still laughing as I end this post.


amanda said...

So funny! How cute that your dh was so concerned! Oh, and RENT looked awesome. I'd jump into one of the tour buses with you!

Jen said...

some men can be funny about make up on their sons
your hubby doesnt sound like hes worried about that though
I dont think it leads to anything though

Anissa said...

Too funny! I can't get that stuff off my eyelashes let alone getting it out of eyebrows!

Erin said...

oh my, that is so great! It's also very weird that you posted a mascara post the same day I did! Kids and makeup are very funny.

Michelle said...

That cracks me up!! I could envision this entire scenario playing out!

Thanks for the laugh...I needed one ;)

Jen said...

thought i should let u know I have introduced you to others in my blog
as we were required to do as part of the Ultimate Blogging Party
I like your blog I find it very interesting

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Yes - that is WAY tooo funny! My son loves to put on makeup too - my hubby hates it when I let him. (But I have stayed away from mascara - way too hard to get off!)

blackpurl said...

how funny! I remember when my guys were little and loved doing things like that as well :)