My Visual DNA

I got this great idea from Michele at Chasing Contentment and my new found friend, Erin at Deep Thoughts. I think it figured me out pretty well describing me as a romantic in my outlook and loving a good fairytale . . . that I'm thoughtful and imaginative and love to look at life in a different perspective . . . that even thought I have a healthy approach to life, I sitll have my vices that get me through the day . . .for love it's about long-term commitment, devotion and tenderness . . . and so much more that describes me very well. Why don't you try it? Here's more about me below in my DNA.

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lil ole' me..... said...

Gotta hand it to you, another great idea. I am heading over now to make my own VisualDNA!
You can call me copycat! :)