Oh no! Recall on dog and cat foods!

This is not good. I'm sure you're heard by now, a huge amount of pet food has been recalled. I have a doggy and three kitties. To find out if your dog's food has been affected (and I hope not!) click on this link: dog food recall.

Media newswire says this:

There has been a small number of reported instances of cats and dogs in the United States that developed kidney failure after eating the affected product. Ten deaths, one dog and nine cats, have been reported at this time. The firm has undertaken extensive testing of the pet food products in question, but to date has been unable to find the source of the problem.
To find out if your kitty's food has been affected, click on this link: cat food recall.

I hope all your furry friends have not been affected and are still barking and purring as they should be!


Jen said...

Hope your dog and kitties are all right

Michelle said...

I had no idea...thanks for the link. Lucky for Jaxon, Purina isn't on there. Hope all your furry ones are okay!