American Idol moved me

I don't normally talk about TV in my blog, but wow, American Idol has really really moved me tonight and so I feel like I must.

I haven't shed this many tears in a long time. It's moved me to donate and I don't really have the money just laying around to do it, but it is still more than what any soul in Africa, or millions here in the US, has. I hope and pray that this show has moved you to donate as well.

It's just so absolutely amazing what American Idol is doing. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can learn more about "Idol Gives Back" here. 1/2 of all the money raised goes to charities in the US:

And the other 1/2 goes to Africa:

What Bono (from U2) said tonight will stick in my mind for a long time:
"Remember the people's lives that you are transforming . . . and there is no one watching who cannot save a life."

Please donate, I urge you to.


Leesha said...

I felt the exact same way Val. Those lil' kids stole my heart.

I hope everyone can give a little bit or a lot!!

Chel said...

I went back to work yesterday still sick and spent 10 hours at the office before coming home to have dinner and homework with my husband and kids before falling into bed to watch "Idol." I didn't stay awake for all of the show, but before I fell asleep, it did remind me that we are so blessed to live here and in this manner.

My kids want for groovy things or for cooler schools not for food or any education at all. And my financial decisions about whether to get my nails done or have my hair colored (both of which I admittedly do) is petty beyond reason when compared with mothers who cannot feed their dying children.