Another problem arising . . .

I have a feeling this will be just a post of random thoughts, not very cheery thoughts, because I'm not the most chipper about what I am wanting to talk about. But I need to talk about it because talking about frustrations is good, right?

You see, parts of our house are falling apart. We are never going to sell (I know, such a negative thought, you're thinking). Thank goodness it's not apparent to people who come and look, well, wait, yes it is . . . now. Our basement keeps flooding because our septic is backed up. Yep, it's backed up, and to be honest, I want to SCREAM. It really stinks . . . literally and figuratively.

We've had this problem over the past 2 or 3 years. So we get it "snaked" every time and that always fixes it . . . until 4 weeks ago when we had it done. It did not help this time and we realized that when we did one load of wash and our basement flooded. Ugh.

About a year ago we were told by some professional crew who had this fancy camera equipment, that the tile under ground is broken. It happens all of the time, especially in the older neighborhood that we are in where the homes are 70-100 years old. But ours is really bad.

They told us that it's broken about 15 feet out and that to totally get rid of the problem, they'd have to bring in a crew to dig up the tile and put in new, which would require digging up our side yard and our neighbors' yard and taking out part of our fence to get to it. It's also on a pretty steep hill so they said the price would probably go up because of that as well. It's just not easy to get to and a lot of destruction to our property would most likely take place.

We said, "no, we'll wait and just keep snaking it for the time being". Well, this is what we get for not taking care of the problem when the problem arised. Learn from us please.

So now we sit with a house that we need to sell, but with more and more problems arising. We can't sell the house like this because we'd have to disclose the problem and who wants to buy it with such a major problem? And we keep risking the chance of people seeing our basement flooded, too. We have standing water and it smells. We can't let this go on for much longer. On top of that, we can't even take a 3 minute shower without it backing up, flush the stool and we especially cannot do laundry or run the dish washer, and that's all piling up now. We're going on 5 days of this being as bad as it is.

Oh, and I think I mentioned my love-hate relationship with this house in an earlier post. I love it because it's old (75 yrs) and has major character - nooks and crannies, curved archways, original crown molding, built-in glass cabinets, beautiful hardwood floors, and even a coal door on the side of the house which I find quite cute! But I hate it because we've put $20,000 into our house, and not because we wanted to but because we had to. A new roof, new garage, new air conditioner, and I could go on. You would think people would want to buy it just because it's got everything brand spankin' new, right? Well, just that is another reason why I am hating this house right now.

So, we now must get this problem fixed, and with money that we don't have. Well, we do have it, but it was going towards our down payment on our new house. We have income tax money coming in, but I need to use that to pay off my work bills from last year. With my switch to digital and having to buy 2 new computers in one year, I have mega bills that must be paid.

Nothing is seeming right anymore. It all started out so perfect. And I know I should not let this drag me down, but it is. It means I'm allowing the enemy to take over. But I can't even look at our house plans right now, and one of our new neighbors brought over wardrobe boxes to us yesterday. At first it made me excited, but then I thought "why am I getting excited?" There just doesn't seem to be any sort of happy ending to all of this right now, so it's really hard to be happy or to see any great future in sight. And the last thing I want to think about is moving, although what I want more than anything right now is to move . . . and far far away.


SuperMom said...

Oh, Val. :( (((hugs)))

lil ole' me..... said...

Your first comment was exactly what I was thinking~ "Oh Val!"
I cannot imagine your frustrations right now. I wish I had magical words of encouragement for you. I wish I knew how to fix your basement woes. I wish I could buy your cute lil house.
But, we know I can do none of these things, so I will give you a quote I got yesterday....

"I love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." ~Og Mandins

Don't give up Val. I know things are going to work out just as God has planned for you!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Oh sweetie. I am so sorry. I know it seems pretty bad right now, but I promise things will change around. I just know God has awesome plans for you guys.

You know the number. My shoulder is always open to cry on.

Michelle said...

AJ is right. God does have an awesome plan for you all! Just try to remember that.


mama2dibs said...

I wish I could say that it is super easy to just "leave it in God's hands", but it's not. I know that he has used our housing "issues" to grow me SO much spiritually and I wouldn't give that growth up, but boy it STILL doesn't make it easy. I keep praying for your house, as well as ours, but for some reason, God's not answering me in the housing department.

I wanted to thank Lil Ole' Me for her quote because I can feel that one too. But as well, I will leave you with one of the things that I read in my Bible Study on Monday morning.

"A sacrifice of praise does not mean that you praise God for the death of a child or for bankruptcy (or for a house that just won't sell for WHATEVER reason). It means that when you can't praise God for what he has allowed, YOU PRAISE HIM FOR WHO HE IS DESPITE WHAT HE HAS ALLOWED."

I hope this helps you in all of this frustration. I know it helps me a little when I start dwelling and getting upset.

Tracey said...

Oh Val! {{hug}} I wish I could wave a magic wand and solve all your house problems. But, since my wand is in the shop right now, you'll have to settle for some good thoughts and some more hugs. It will work out eventually, take heart in that.

Erin said...

((hugs))!!!! Remember, God is Good. So whatever happens, your best is being thought of by Him. Bless you guys!

Jo said...

Oh man! Girl, that stinks! I am so sorry! Just try to take it one thing at a time, and remember time flies. Some day you will look back on this in your new house and say, "remember that?!" and it will just be a memory. Do something fun for yourself today as a treat, that is bound to make it better, no?

Anissa said...

Keep your chin up Val. It will happen!

Artsy Momma said...

Val hold on to your faith and know that you are only given what you can handle.

Oh and breath through your mouth when you are in the basement! *smile*


Chel said...

I so completely understand the love/hate relationship that goes with an older home. Our previous home was old like your's, and it was moldy and cold in the winter, and it made me sneeze. And I adored it.

I tend to personify objects (there's a word for that but I forget it), and that house was personal to me. When we needed to sell it, it was intensely important to me that someone who would love it would buy it.

Unlike you, I pointed out all of the flaws in the house. I wanted people to see them and embrace the house for what it was. We waited and God sent a lovely older woman to buy the house and to love it like I did.

The perfect buyers are right around the corner... you just can't see them yet. But God can.

Jen said...

Hang in there, Val. This, too, shall pass. XOXOXO

Jen said...

Its good to express your feelings

Im so sori your in this dilemma
I am praying for u

heather said...

That really "stinks"!! I have no words of wisdom really...I still love you!!! Somehow things will work out...they always do. You can call me if you need to.

On a positive note: I guess we are lucky Syd didn't try to roll all over your basement floor! He really likes stinky things....unfortunately. -sigh-