Aunt update

Update on my aunt . . . she was doing so good but today she has developed a fever and is not very responsive . . . not talking at all, and suddenly she is "spasming" which is something the doctors have been watching for . . . something that can cause a stroke. Read more here . . . updates by cousins Joe and Mary Beth. . . http://barbaramcconkey.blogspot.com/

* new info -
I just got an email from my Aunt Kay and this is what she said:

He (Barb's husband) called here about 1/2 hr. ago. He couldn't reach NJ. Barb had a procedure (he called it a treatment, but not a coil treatment) today. She isn't talking much at all. There's something 'moderate' at the back of her brain. I didn't understand it. I got in touch with NJ and she thinks Dan will drive her up there tomorrow, quite possibly Natalie will go. Jim is not sure if he'll go and Gail has to work.

Louise was in Chicago today on Millikin U. business. She stopped to see Barb. When she asked Barb if she knew who she was, Barb only squeezed her hand.

Dan, Natalie, Jim and Louise are all cousins. I have a big big family! Norma Jean is Barb's sister.



lil ole' me..... said...

Still keeping your aunt in my prayers. Hugs to you Val!

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