Award? Really? Nuh-uh. No way. Are you sure??

Oh my goodness! Another Thinking Blogger award for . . . me??! (Are you guys sure?? Seriously??) Amanda, thank you. Truly thank you! Like I told her, I don't think I have won any award since high school and this one is just way better. I can say some equally great things about her as she keeps me smiling, keeps me laughing and especially keeps me grounded. Thank you, Amanda! I am so glad I found you Amanda (& Erin, Michele, Liza, and I could keep going on and on . . .) my long lost friends who I feel like I've know forever . . . (happy sigh . . .)


Alexis Jacobs said...


amanda said...

Isn't it true? I feel like I have met all my old friends online! Old friends I didn't know I had...old friends who are fun and very low maintenance! ;)

Erin said...

congratulations again!!! See, it must be true if you keep getting them... : )