Cuteness even wins over the competition!

But I'm such a sucker for anything furry and so darn . . . cute!

How could someone not vote for Cute Overload when they have the most adorable photos in the entire world like this little dwarf bunny?! Gosh I love that site. I wish I didn't like it so much so I then I could say "don't vote for Cute Overload!" but I'd be lying if I did. It's such a great site and I think they should win!!

Grandma's Diary is doing so good. We'll never make it to 600+ votes, but heck, we're on page 2 (at the top), #11 out of over 584 blogs! I'd say that's pretty darn fascinating! I think we're up to 57 votes. If we get 2 more votes, we'll either be at the top of page 2 or at the bottom of page 1! I'm just excited that we've done this well. I never ever thought . . .

Yay, grandma! I'm so happy for you and I hope you're smiling down on us from up above!

Speaking of, the diary has gotten really "swell". Today I posted about she and grandpa going on a date with his parents to 2 movies and she quotes something grandpa's daddy said which just made me smile. It's so cute. I'm just waiting for the moment when grandpa finally decides she is the one and proposes to her! I wonder how he does it?! I can't wait till that day come sand I read those words. How . . . cute :c)

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