Fun Stuff to Make Mopey Monday Super-Duper!

This is definitely a "what-will-they-think-of-next" thing, but wow, isn't it cool?! I'd love to put this in the bathroom to greet me after Clocky (below) wakes me up!

You can't hide from Clocky! He knows where you are and he will find you. Especially on Mondays!

Mother's Day idea. Is this not the most adorable thing ever? I would cherish this forever and ever if my kids got me this. (Hint, hint hubby!)

Me so want this. I mean, for Noah, that is ;c)

One of my favorite online shops is selling these. I need them for our one-day new house (ho-hum . . .)

Is it a washing machine? Well, maybe for . . . birds?!

Not just a head of lettuce, but something else pretty nifty, too!

Most things either courtesy of one of my favorite "oh-that's-so-neat" blogs, Swiss Miss, or things I've just ran across on my own :c) Enjoy dreaming, enjoy laughing, enjoy your day, enjoy whatever!


oh amanda said...

oh, I love those dishes! I could have new dishes every day!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Your funky style is one reason I love you so :)

Jen said...

wow I like that lettuce

Chel said...

Any good robber who had done his background research on his subject would know right away that a crisp, green head of lettuce in my fridge would have to be a decoy. My lettuce is most usually a little slimey and still in the prewashed bag. :)

it's me, Val said...

Chel, that is pretty funny. It would epecially stick out for anyone who hadn't been the the store for a while and either have a veggie drawer with almost rotten veggies or one without any veggies but the lettuce! :)

Erin said...

Okay, I'm not sure where I was this day, but I totally missed this post. Great stuff you found!!! It actually made my mopey Friday better : )