Happy Birthday, K!

It was Kristin's birthday yesterday! Happy 31st birthday, K!!! I hope it was FABULOUSLY fabulous! :c)

Kristin is a grade school friend whom I first met in 7th grade. Her nickname was the "Ice Queen" because well, I think the title speaks volumes (she will even admit to being called this!). In 7th grade when she came to our little po-dunk school from South Carolina, she was the coolest kid in school. She and her brother had the neatest (very) southern accents and she got the cutest boy in our class, Paul. And, Paul's locker was right next to mine. Kristin was a bit snooty and rarely ever talked to me (she knows this now, too . . . I remind her of it quite often!), but, well, things just worked out and by our freshman year in high school we were the bestest of friends. I should dig up some old dorky photos of us, but, well, Val just doesn't have the time right now. But I do have some more recent ones that I will share below.

So, K . . . well, she is just another amazing friend. She knows absolutely everything there is to know about me and yet still loves me! She never gives up on me, is always one of the most supportive souls, loves to hand-write things (like I do!) and those things I just love that about her. She also is one of my two Indigo Girl loving friends (Jennifer Jayne is the other!). K and I can bolt out all the IG tunes, and even though we all know she is the best singer ever (she really is) and I am the worse (I really am), she is the only friend I feel comfortable singing with. (Awww . . . don't you feel special, k?) She knows how to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones and I really admire her for this. She looks at life in a way that I wish I could do better at. She has been through some crappy times, yet still looks to the future as just that . . . a great future. She has a wonderful hubby that takes care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of, and she now has a gorgeous little peach - Jackson - just born in January and is an extraordinary mommy to him. She's just one of those people you wish you had as a friend, and luckily, I DO.

Happy Birthday, Dearie!

I don't know if any of you remember me posting this picture (below left) of me drawing a heart in the sand or not (on my VWC blog), but someone asked to see the results of that prepping of a photo, so here it is below. Kristin and her hubby Chris in Florida on their wedding day!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Happy birthday Kristin!

Anonymous said...

val, i read it of course :) thanks for all your kind (albeit untrue maybe -- i'm not the best singer!) words and the memories. thanks also for not posting the dorky pics!! i think the ones from ft. myers are perfect :) i may not be the ice queen anymore, but i do love remembering the day that i looked and felt like a princess! love,k