Happy Birthday, Sara!

Today is my friend, Sara's 31st birthday!

Sara and I go way back. We went to grade school/high school together but really didn't become good friends till we graduated, were both going to community college together (and having a blast!), then going on to work at the same flower shop for a couple of years. She was in my wedding, I was in hers as her MOH - such an honor that was! - but she'll never live down the fact that I didn't know I was to make a speech at her reception until about 5 minutes prior! (If you know me, you know that talking in front of people is something I do not do!) She is such a great friend, putting such sunshine in my life, especially the kind of sunshine that doesn't just make you feel warm and loved but the kind that also make you warm, loved and giggling. She knows how to make me laugh. So, here's to you, Sara, on your big day. Hope the Windy City treats you perfectly peachy today and every day.

HaPpY bIrThDaY, sArA!!

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sara said...

Ahh, thanks Val!!!! Today has been great so far! Tons of Birthday e-mails this morning, cupcakes at work, and Seth had flowers delivered. I treated myself to a cab ride home, which was really nice. It was kind of a pain to get home with the Batman only a block away (roads are blocked for it at random times, which is a hassle). Anyway, next year I think we should do a cupcake crawl for my B-day!!! Doesn't that sound like fun?!?!? I wanted to do it this year, but time just flew by.
Anywho, I wrote this dissertation to your "Magnificent Memories" post last night, and I think the Internet ate it . . . and I was so tired I didn't rewrite it. But here is the jist--
Loved spending the weekend with you guys, and absolutely cannot wait to see the photos!! I know Blake and Emma had so much fun. Madeline even asked where Noah and Maia were on their way back to the burbs, hoping there would be another play date. We have to do it again!!

I am nursing a pretty bad sunburn, so I hoped you faired better!

On a side note, I think I just missed you on Sunday (walking down Michigan Ave). Seth was waiting for me to get out of my meeting and he said he saw you, but it was from such a distance that he didn't think he would catch up to you.