It's time to campaign!

Ok, my competitiveness is really coming out now. I cannot let Wil Wheaton beat me or Cute Overload (even though I do really like that site, but still . . . ) or Dooce (even though I do really like her being such a great funny writer and cool mommy, but still . . .) I WANT TO WIN! Even more so, I WANT GRANDMA TO WIN!! Will all of you . . . my blogging friends and my bloiters PLEASE vote and then campaign for grandma!?! Would you mind to put up a campaign post in lieu of grandma? Please?? Pretty please with a cherry on top? (How can you pass up cherries??)

Also, I know who some of my bloiters are . . . Pat, Martha, Ashley, and there's a lot more (!!) . . . and I know that all of you have not yet voted (because the site tells me who has voted), so . . . PLEASE VOTE! It's simple! I swear it is. And if you don't know how, CALL ME and I will walk you through it! I'm going to keep on you until you do, so the pressure is on!


(And then pass the word.)

P.S. The links to vote are below. Or you can just follow this link to it.


Cerella said...

I gave ya a shout out...hope that you win!!!! :)

Jamie said...

OK I voted for grandma!

Michelle said...

Ok...I just created my account, and then I will go and vote!! Promise!

lil ole' me..... said...

Keith and I voted!! Crossing our fingers for ya Val!!