My dandy surprise(s)

The house? Yeah right. I'm not even holding my breath for that one. We're just sitting back for a while and seeing what happens . . . trying not to freak out. We talked about it tonight and know it will happen in all the right timing. Not our timing, but the right timing . . . we know it.

Anyway, my surprise is . . . the book I won a few weeks ago from Erin . . . I got it today! And I should not have been so surprised when there were additional treats in the box, but I totally was! It absolutely made my day sparkle. She is the greatest person.

Let me take you through my neat-o package . . .

First I see my package and knew it was from her because of all the cool Canadian stamps and stickers! Noah kept asking me "What's that?" "What's in there, mommy?"
And first, in there was a package of Canadian KETCHUP chips . . . isn't she the sweetest most thoughtful person ever?! She knows Val!
And then staring at me saying "eat me, eat me" were 3 yummy chocolate bars, none of which we have in the states. Well, we have Kit-Kats but not in this packaging or as big as this one!
And there, underneath the candy lay the book I won! I was so excited over the sweet little "extras" that I forgot to take a picture of the book by itself in all it's glory! But trust me, it's there and it's looks absolutely fabulous! Erin said we could have any book we wanted, and she had just bought a handful of parenting books for herself soon before the contest started, so I asked her to just pick me out her favorite! I love to read self-help books (this one is on Parenting and listening to your child) as crazy as that sounds! It looks really really good and I hope to start it this weekend! (Note the word "hope"!!)

Then, my favorite thing of all . . .

The prettiest, most creatively made bookmark for me.

I know she had to have made it because she's artsy like moi :c) She even picked out some of my favorite colors and hand wrote a beautiful little note that said "Val, Thanks for the sunshine you bring to my life! Erin"

I just have to say, 1) there's nothing in this world quite like a hand written note. I love love love them and cherish 'em every time I receive them, and 2) there's nothing like something hand made just for you and 3) there's nothing like a friend that you meet coincidently (but remember, there are no coincidences and I believe this 110%!!) online who you feel like you've known forever . . . who helps you remember just what life is all about.

Thank you, Erin :c) xo


Jen said...

I might just have to look Erin up she sounds like a honey
congratulations on winning the book

Alexis Jacobs said...

How cool!!!! Erin rocks.

Leigh Gray said...

wow - she really was a blessing. isn't that the neatest thing when God uses someone else to bless us. I can not imagine the blessings that will be coming her way... we bless and then He blesses and so give and bless some more and it just keeps going!!

He is so grand!!! Love you blog! Thanks for letting me stop by.

amanda said...

How fun is that? I'm jealous on both ends!

Anissa said...

How fun! I'm not a ketchup lover like you however at Cubs they use to sell steak and onion chips. They are wonderful! You should eat one steak and onion and wash it down with a ketchup chip! Who needs a grill?

it's me, Val said...

Omg Anissa, you CRACK ME UP! Yup, I guess that would work well especially since I am picky when it comes to my steak. Who could be picky with steak and ketchup chips?! :)

Erin said...

Okay, you always make me blush when you talk about me! You're so sweet! I'm so glad it got there so fast (1 week only). I hope you enjoy your little surprise and know that you truly are a blessing in my life from all those miles away. Have a great day!

Michelle said...

What an awesome surprise! :) Enjoy!

Chel said...

Well, maybe we are long-lost friends who just haven't met. I love, love, love surprises and long-hand notes. Now, I'd secretly love to get lots of surprises, but I like giving them just as much. I have a friend whose son thinks that if the UPS man leaves something at the door, it's from me. Regardless of who it's actually from. I pretty much love that.

Enjoy your surprise.

lil ole' me..... said...

What a great surprise to receive in the mail!!! I love the bookmark!
And, like you, I think getting "personal" mail is the best feeling!
Hope you are still enjoying your package! Do you have any chips left?