A batty situation

If you have known me for a while, you know about our bat problem we once had in our house. (Yes, bat as in furry-flying-at-night-ugly-rat-like-looking animal!) We had about 6 in a year's time soon after we moved in. But we found where they were getting in and fixed that (pretty scary) problem.

Well, this afternoon, about 4:30, I was outside with the kids. They just got done drawing with sidewalk chalk. Noah was making his way on the sidewalk over to our next door neighbor's, Mimi and Lisa, to say "hi". Out of nowhere I hear him scream --- bloody murder scream. I have never heard such a terrified cry out of him before. It really scared me.

I ran to him as he ran to me dripping tears and screaming "spider going to get me, spider going to get me!". I didn't have my glasses on but could see from afar that there was indeed something black and furry on the sidewalk and I honestly thought my son was right when he said "spider". It was the biggest furriest spider I had ever seen outside of a cage! I got a bit closer and saw that it was black and furry but didn't have 8 legs but 2 wings! It was a bat!

The bat's wings were spread, it was crying, and it was literally crawling towards me. I got as close as I could without freaking out myself and it appeared as if it's wing was broken. Since Noah ran inside and I had no idea if he had been bit or not, I got our neighbor, told them about the bat and then went in after him to make sure he was ok. Lisa took care of the bat while I went inside to where Noah was --- he was standing there shaking and bawling his head off. He said "mommy, the spider was going to get me! And the spider, it was CRYING! I am scared, mommy!" When he finally calmed down I asked him if it bit him and he said "No! No bite me." (Thank God!)

So he was ok, unfortunately the bat was not and is no longer with us, something Noah is quite relieved about. He does think, however, that Lisa "saved" him and put him back into the tree. I explained to Noah that bats live in trees and they are actually good animals even though they are scary looking. I explained how they live high in trees and don't normally let people see them, nor do they usually crawl, but that this one had a broken wing. So now he keeps talking about the bat with the broken wing. But I have a feeling he'll be jumpy for a long long time and will forevermore be haunted by bats and by whatever might be walking around that could potentionally be a spider ;c)

And, so, here is the bat, a picture I took with a zoom lens from afar. It's not the best picture but I did make a pretty nifty diagram for you all to see!

I have to add that after this post being up a couple hours, I clicked on the picture and oh MY it got BIG on my browser and well, kind icky looking! The bat actually looks like a stuffed animal to me a tiny bit. Poor thing . . . I hate that he got injured and died like that, but at least he didn't keep living on in pain. So this picture is my tribute to him ;-p Maybe we should name him?


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness!! I am glad that everything is okay! :) Hopefully Noah is not scarred for life!

The picture cracks me up! Love the zoom in! (Not that it's funny that the bat is injured, or anything, but the fact that you actually GOT a picture of it!!)

Hope you have no more black, furry visitors anytime soon!

oh amanda said...

*shudder* Poor little guy. Ew. I just keep thinking about meeting a crawling crying bat!

heather said...

I'm glad no one got bit, but poor bat!! I am one of few that think bats are actually kind of cute. Just tell Noah that bats eat all of the nasty bugs outside....that should give bats a few points!

it's me, Val said...

For those of you who may not know, Heather is my friend who is friends with bats :) She is a zookeeper and a might fine one if I do say so myself ;)

Anyway, Het, you would be proud to know that 1) I told Noah that they are good animals and that they eat bugs - even spiders (Smile) and that 2) even after everything we've been through with them, I still like them. They eat all the nasty bugs around here. It's because of them that mosquitos are not nearly the problem they are everywhere else in warm climates!

There's a reason for all animals in this world no matter how gross they seem to be . . . they were put here as a food source for somebody (or some "bunny") hehehe

it's me, Val said...

And Chel, I'm so glad I made someone giggle over my picture --- that was my goal! :) If you know Val, you know how absolutely silly-goofy-dorky she is! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Poor Noah!!! I hope he is okay ((hugs)) You did a great job telling him the good points of bats. The only good point I see is the one hitting the bat with a shovel. ((shudder))

Leesha said...

So glad Noah was physically ok. Bats are pretty creepy to me too.

mama2dibs said...

I'm glad that Noah only got the scare of a life time and nothing else.

I remember when I was a kid a bat that decided to play with us too. My dad killed it with a baseball bat and my sister and I thought it was absolutely hilarious that dad had killed a bat with a bat. We were a little older though so it wasn't quite as scary.

Poor Noah!

A said...

We had two, count'em, two bats floating in our pool a couple of summers ago. I pulled them out and I could hardly stand to look at them. They are ugly little things. But I will say that we can sit out on our deck all summer and never get a mosquito bite so as long as they leave me alone I'm o.k. with them being around. Hope Noah is o.k. now!

it's me, Val said...

Anissa, you are absolutely right about the mosquito issue. I never realized how bad mosquitos were until I journeyed out away from my neighborhood! I'd rather have bats flying above my head than getting bit by mosquitos and possibly get something as terrifying as the Bird Flu!

P.S. when we come up to do pics this summer, can I have my kids bring their suits to swim ;) :)

Mimomma said...

Thanx, Val for leaving your sweet comment about my Val's "bubble pic." She's such fun and I can hardly wait for her visit this summer!

I am thankful for a couple of things right now! 1. You left a post at my site with a clickable retrack. 2. That the retrack took me back here!

We have BATS, too! Very misunderstood mammal! Hubby and I watch their emergence every evening just at dusk to forage o n the insects that plague our backyard. Quite a peaceful and rewarding experience!

I'm certain from your description that your Noah's reaction to the bat was the same as our Val's upon finding a tiny Little Brown Bat that had succumbed to the intense heat.

We, her Granddaddy and I, used the poor thing as an object lesson of course. But had I not participated in the Blowing Wind Cave Wildlife Refuge bat exodus, I would not have been able to tell her the whole story about the awesome benefits of such a strange-looking yet sweet animal!

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to pass through northern Alabama on a mild spring or summer early evening to 'do the bat exodus' - it's free! Quite likely, it's also an experience you'll NEVER forget but be tickled you did! Oh, and remember to take and put on a rain poncho!!


To good info sites about Alabama bats and wildlife refuges:

it's me, Val said...

mimomma, thank you for such useful information! I think it would definitely be something neat to do! Thanks for sharing that! Maybe on our way to see my friend, Jen, in Haittiesburg, MS, we can stop there?! :)

Johanna said...

Oh Val, what a good mommy you are to explain it all to Noah and to feel compassion for the bat ever after it scared poor Noah. This is why we all love you so much. :)

Jen said...

I agree with Johana you are a good mummy telling Noah about bats
a real learning moment
Im pleased hes ok