E. Crane's Promise

My friend (I'll call her "J") introduced me to an author and blogger, Elizabeth Crane, today. Her writing is fabulous. Her entry here made me tear up some. Many of her paragraphs I was saying to myself "Me, too!" or else laughing hysterically. It really is a good read and I recommend it.

Now I have to buy her books. I'm told she's a great author -- and best thing, she's native to Illinois and from Chicago. You can check out Elizabeth's blog here. Hopefully she won't mind me plugging her.

J sent me this article because Elizabeth is adopting a child, and my friend (who I am leaving her name out because I'm not sure how she feels about my doing so) knows how close I hold adoption to my heart. Oh, and J is adopted, too. :c)

My only brother is adopted and two of my dearest girlfriends (J one of them) are adopted. And I yearn to adopt one day because I have had all these powerful influences in my life thanks to my parents and to my friends's parents. They've all got the most amazing families. And perhaps I am biased because I am part of one of these families, but I don't know anyone who could argue with me ;c)

We started in on the adoption process right before I got preggers with Noah. So it's been put on the back burner and it's honestly not something I want to back burn and just forget about. This is maybe something you didn't (or possibly did) know about me . . . one of the many things I hold dear to my heart, but this I hold dear and very strong to my heart. It's something I want to do and one day will do.

Read this article. It's really touching and powerful and just a really great read.


Mike said...

I agree. Crane is a very inspiring writer.


Johanna said...


Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great read. Thank you for linking it. I know you someday will have your dream answered. You have such a huge heart ((hugs))

Laura said...

This is a terrific post! Thanks for pointing us to that link. I love it!

mama2dibs said...

I love adoption! I have a cousin who was adopted and my sweet hubby is adopted. I want to adopt an Asain baby once I have three of my own. Oh, someday. I'll have my sleek black-haired baby doll. I do love my Libby too, but I can't produce that hair...or their beautiful little slanted eyes. It's just a dream right now, but someday a dream that will hopefully come true.