Happy May Day!

Lots of things to smile about today :c)

Last night I come upstairs from working in the depressing dungeon (a.k.a. basement) at my office and I see a pretty container of flowers sitting there. I honestly thought my hubby had done something cute and special for me, but I was wrong (hint, hint, Neil!), however I was still very excited! I didn't know that my great neighbor and friend, Vic, had came over while I was working to bring me a May Day surprise. It's so pretty; she decorated it all herself. Vic is one mighty creative person. Isn't it cute?! And what a great idea for you and me next May 1. But actually, what a nice surprise it would be for someone any day of the year. (Thank you, Vickie!)

Then today I received a sweet card from my friend (and client, who I was once a client of - she was my doula!), Leann. It was a thank you for taking pictures of her daughter. Which I never did in order to receive anything at all . . . it's my passion and I just absolutely LOVE taking pictures. But what a great surprise it was to get this card which had a gift card to Menard's in it.

Leann knows how frustrated we are about not selling this house (nor having hardly any bites at all) and how anxious and excited we are to get our new one a rollin'. She is the absolute sweetest! It reminded me that I need to be patient and hopeful because things are going to work out. God wouldn't have sent me Leann if it weren't. We're going to be moving into her back yard. God would never tease me like this if it weren't going to happen. I just have to keep waiting and during that wait, relish in the joys of my life like my children, bats (hehe, jk), Wordless Wednesdays, my blogging and IRL friends, everything! . . . Anyway, Thank you, Leann!

So many things to be thankful for . . . It's so easy to overlook these small things some days. And, get this! Speaking of small things . . . Maia has been using the potty!

I don't call her using the potty a big thing yet because I'm afraid it will jinx the progress by doing so. I know the entire potty process can take a long time. At least it did with Noah, and just when I was confident we were on the right path, he would have a set back. So I'm just . . . thankful . . . this time that we've had these small accomplishments like we have with Miss Maia. She's done very well!

After baths, I will put her straight on the potty (because when I ask her if she wants to use the potty she says "Uh-huh" with a big smile and a nod). We do this after every bath just so we get into some sort of consistency. Not every time, but sometimes she will tinkle! She then "wipes" which really is just throwing tp into the potty, but it's still something! She'll tinkle at least once a day, but she still has to have a diaper on and doesn't usually ask to use the potty. I usually suggest it, but she is always willing! (Something Noah never was when we suggested it!)

I know we have a long way to go, but this is still a really good start at just 18 months! Check her out! She is so proud! (And I need to dig out the picture of me on the potty . . . I think it looks quite similar to this one!)


Johanna said...

Yay Maia!!!! Congrats!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds like a great day! WTG Maia!!

Michelle said...

Love the pic of little Miss Maia! Keep it up, girlie!

mama2dibs said...

I had Libby ALMOST using her small potty at 20 months old. She was sitting on it just as play ALL the time and then one night she said, "Potty," to Chris and started pulling on him. He didn't get it, but I did, so I took her. Well, she was afraid to poo poo sitting down so she stood up. I didn't realize that she had poo'd on the floor and was excited about what had gotten in the potty. Then I sat back, I had poo all over my jeans and the floor. Chris didn't take to lightly to that and threw an absolute fit! She hardly sits on the potty at all now...and when she does (like once a week) it's ONLY on the big potty. :( I keep trying to tell Chris to stop freaking out over little things like that. Maybe some day he'll learn.

Jen said...

Pleased you have lots to smile about today :)

Oh :) bless Vickie and Leann

WTG Maia

oh amanda said...

I hope you mean a picture of you at 18 MONTHS on the potty! :)

I know how frustrating your house can be. We've just decided to put ours up for rent b/c we have had absolutley NO NIBBLES! It's the most frustrating feeling. Since ours is in Bham and we're in ATL, we have 2 sets of bills which is HORRIBLE.

Anyway, how fun to get a May Day present. I didn't even know that was a thing to do! I love May...well, it's because it's my birthmonth!

Have a happy day, Val!

Erin said...

What a nice surprise the flowers were!!! That's so sweet. I can't believe Maia is already using the potty sometimes. I can't even imagine putting Aidan on. She usually tells me right after she's gone in her diaper...she runs around yelling "Mommy, POOP!!!" So maybe I should try. You never know. She does have an older sibling using the potty (sometimes).

Leesha said...

Congrats to Miss Maia. She will get it!

lil ole' me..... said...

Sounds like your May is off to a great start!!!
Oh, and you HAVE to find the picture of you on the potty and post it!!! :)
That would make my May! LOL!