Maia's 18-month appt

Well, we took little missy to the doctor today for 18 month appt. It went pretty good. She's back to growing well. Doc was worried at her 15 month because she was only 20 lbs and went way down "on the charts" . . . man do doctors ever make a huge deal about where kids are "on the charts"! I honestly wasn't too worried until he made me worried, I mean, I had weaned her from nursing at 13 months and she started walking at 13 months so she became more active and lost all those fat calories from mamma! Anyway . . .

There is a slight problem elsewhere and that is her legs. She walks funny. Not as in funny ha-ha, but funny as in it's alerted both Neil and I. Noah never did this. For the last couple weeks we've really noticed it. It's almost like one leg is longer than the other. Her left leg bows in when she walks. She trips over her legs a lot, too. Doctor noticed the problem today and so he wants to send her to a pediatric orthopedic doctor 35 minutes away in a bigger city.

But, hallelujah, I'm not too concerned. I mean, she's walking at least and it doesn't seem to bother her. But like the doctor said, it's best to see what's causing this and he said half of the time children "grow out of it", as he said. Who knows what happens to the "other half", but I'm not going to freak and I'm going to stay away from searching for answers on the internet because that will make me really worried. Lord knows I don't need anymore stressors right now.

Maia's nurse will call me today sometime to tell me when the appt is. She said that this doctor is so good that he gets patients from all over the state and so he usually has a month waiting list. I'll letcha all know when we get it scheduled and find out more.

Off to get a garage sale ready at my mom's! Adios!


oh amanda said...

Keep us updated on Maia. Lydia is tiny, too. I think she's about 20 lbs at 15 months.

Erin said...

Good for you not worrying about it!! It's something you can fix so it's better to leave those things in God's hands. How big is Maia now? She's a little peanut compared to Aidan. At just over a year Aidan was like 28 pounds or something ridiculous like that. Apparently I had pure whipping cream for milk ; )

Jennifer said...

Val, I'm proud of you..it's nice to just hand it over to God in things like this. Every kids is different ..they all grow at different rates, and I never was hip on growth chart or milestones. Doctor always said Faiths head was always too small, which just caused Jason to be worried, and she still has a small head...we are all different in someway.
As far as the leg..common! but better to find out than to not, and later wish you did. In my thoughts and prayers!

love ya girl

Mike said...

I agree not to search the Internet. I once did that. I almost believed that I was suffering from a rare psychological disease.



Michelle said...

Smart thinking not searching the internet for answers and such. It is nice to have access to all the information that's out there, but sometimes all is does is provide needless worry!

Keep us updated! We will, of course, keep Miss Maia in our prayers :) Hugs to the little lady!

Alexis Jacobs said...

yes, do not search the internet. It is the craziest place to try to find info. If it makes you feel better one of my legs was longer when I was little. I have two very nice legs now (haha)



A said...

I have to be honest with you Val when I read that Maia is underweight that doesn't surprise me at all! Look at her mama and papa! You two are the skinnest(nicest and adorable) people I know! Haley has a leg length difference too and it hasn't hindered her abilities in anyway! ((hugs)) to you and Maia!

Jen said...

Daniel is 18 months on Monday
pleased to hear Maia is doing well
will praying about her legs

Chel said...

I'll be sure to say a prayer for all of you.

LiLi said...

Maegan had that, Val... she's mostly grown out of it... her legs are no longer bowed, but she does trip easily. Make sure she doesn't sit on her knees with her feet sticking out to the back as that can worsen the problem. Encourage her to sit with her legs in front of her, or in criss cross style. I hope all goes well with the orthopedic!!! Good Luck! :)