Pray for Heather


Please go to Heather's site to read about her, her family, and her AMAZING triumphs and the strength she holds in God. Her faith is so big and just so . . . astonishing. She amazes me and she inspires me to become a better Christian. Today she undergoes brain surgery, as I type this, and she needs our prayers. Please lift her and her family up.

You can also join the prayer chain here.
My friend, Amanda, also has a great post about Heather and how good God is here.

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amanda said...

Val, I've been checking out Heather's updates all day. Can you just imagine what she and her family are feeling today?! *sigh* Anyway, you're like the 10th person who's posted about Heather today so I know there are lots of people praying out there! And thanks for the link. :)