Welp, it's happening.

We are getting our sewer tiles replaced.

They scoped into our lines with a tiny camera on Thursday with the diagnosis that our line is completely collapsed 45-ish feet out, which explains why every time we have it snaked out, it plugs back up within a week or two. (sigh . . .)

Then Friday they came to mark all the areas on the yard where it will be torn up (3 places) and this morning, any minute now, they will show up to do the work. Should be a crazy day, but I will be so happy when it's done so we can sell this darn house, even though they have given us an estimate of $2-3k to do this sewer line work. (*sob*)

Can I go curl up in a ball, wish this wasn't happening, wake up to find that it was just a dream? That would be nice but probably won't happen, will it?

They showed up right as I finished this entry. Then, below, they begun by taking our fence out. I shot this picture through Noah's window in his room. You should see the huge hole we have right now. I'm taking pictures and will show later. Fun, fun. Not.


Jennifer said...

Sorry...but I'm giv'in ya a big (((HUG)))
I do know that it all happens for a reason and the good Lord will show you! I do know that you will feel better once it's done.. you will not have that hanging over your head when it goes back on the market for sale..and I have a feeling it will sell quickly after this. Praying for ya all~
Blessing from me

Jennifer said...

I'm laughing at you and that camera...you are toooo funny!

it's me, Val said...

I know, I know, I know :) Since I call you "Jennwood", I give you permission to call me Dorkval :):) lol!!

Erin said...

Oh Val! I'm so sorry you guys have to go through all that hassle. What a tough road it's been...(((hugs))). Keep your chin up. Bright side, hopefully no more sewer problems! Have a happy day, okay?

Deborah said...

sorry to hear about it, but hopefully, it will help you sell the house more quickly.

Good luck!

From one of your 'bloiters' ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

Hang in there Val!
Your house woes will be over soon enough!!!
Here's to selling the house quickly..... :)

Michelle said...

I know it's a crazy day! Hang in there, chica! (((hugs)))

This too shall pass (through the sewer lines now, right?! ) :)

Love ya!