Day 2 in Georgia!

Our plans this morning were to go to Savannah, and we did. It's just what we did there wasn't really as planned. Actually, yeah it was, but much shorter than planned.

Savannah is about 1 hour from Sea Island, so after we ordered a fancy room service breakfast with a rolling table, white table linens, and a sweet waiter boy (something I'm not use to but looooooved - the fancy room service, not so much the waiter, stop it now!), we headed for Savannah. We met Brad, Chel and Ella there at the visitor's center. We walked down to the river and the historic district to find a place to eat and landed at hole in the wall kind of burger joint but it was really tasty. I had a portabella mushroom sandwhich, something I tend to always get on vacations! The service was pretty dang slow, though. Bummer. Our plans were to find Paula Deen's restaurant but never could -- of course we saw it on our way back. Arg.

After lunch we headed out and about. It was scorching hot. I mean, high 90 temps and high humidity that felt like 110 degrees. It was literally scorching. We all tried our best to make the most of it (and I think we did) but with sweat pouring down our faces and the kids' faces turning beet red (but not complaining - bless their hearts!), we were easing into pure misery. The kids traded stroller seats about a dozen times and we traded who pushed about a dozen times. I still managed, though, to take a few (hundred) pictures because no matter how hot I was, I knew this would probably be my only time in Savannah, a place so rich in history.

Even through the pouring down sweat off our bodies, I just couldn't get enough of the history. The brick streets, the roads paved in rocks, the brick buildings and the amazing architecture. My favorite building was a cotton trading building. These are all we really saw as after just a couple hours were were literally drained. We had enough energy to get the kids back to the cars and to head back to Sea Island. We didn't even get to see any of the old historic homes and plantations that I really wanted to see. But Neil and I both said one day we'd come back in the spring or fall (note to file, don't visit anything in the south that is not a beach in the summer months!) and without kids. While the kids did really marvelous despite the heat (only a minor problem - ha!), we still think we'd enjoy it more alone or else when they were old enough to appreciate it.

So here we are, ending another day . . . maybe not the best day in most people's eyes, but in my eyes it was. We had a great time with Brad, Chel and Ella and this evening we had a yummy yummy dinner and then played on the beach. I got some great snaps, and that is all that matters in a day in the life of a photographer mom :c) I can't wait for tomorrow.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Again welcome to the South. It was 102 here today plus humidity.

I can't wait to see the pictures. Savannah is supposed to be an amazing city.

Hope you have an awesome day #3!

Erin said...

Glad to see you're having fun despite the heat. I wouldn't mind some heat and less rain : ( I've never been down south and would love to see the historic sites. Can't wait to see pictures. Have a marvelous day tomorrow!

Melody is Slurping Life said...

Val! I am Georgia born, raised and living here. My sister and family are in Savannah. Hot, huh? We're moving a bit closer to family next weekend,but still in GA.

Enjoy your visit.

Mrs. M said...

was it the cotton gin building by the river? that place is pretty neat. the restaurant in there is tasty.

long live the south and it's humidity!

Jo said...

Soooooo glad that you are enjoying your vacation from everything but your blog. :) (YAY!) Tell all those Camps we said hello! Can't WAIT to see those pictures!!!

SuperMom said...

Oh, I love the south! Charleston, SC is a favorite destination of my family and I'm anxious to get to Savannah.

A tip we learned when we were in Charleston last summer: we'd sight see in the morning before the temperature got ridiculous and then we'd spend the afternoon poolside or oceanside, depending on what we felt like.

Enjoy your trip, though it sounds like you are! I can't wait to see pictures!

LiLi said...

That does it... if you love history, you need to get your hiney down here! Richmond is RICH wiwth history, and then DC and Williamsburg are just a short distance! You'd be in photo op HEAVEN! C'mon, and you can get amazing pictures of the kids in the Italian Gardens at Maymont Park! I'M BEGGING YOU TO COME VISIT ME!

oh amanda said...

Isn't Savannah beautiful? Did you know why it's built on squares? When they came over to build Savannah, the reason they were moving there from England was b/c so many of the rowhouses had burned to the ground. A fire would start in one and then just burn up an entire row of houses. They built Savannah in squares so the fires could stop and everyone could congregate in the square to be safe! Isn't that cool?