Day 4 and 5 - goodbye GA!

I am going to make this one quick ("yeah, right, Val", you're thinking) because we're about to pack everything up and put into the car. Even though we aren't leaving till 9 tonight, we still have to be out of the rooms by 1:30, so time to say goodbye in cyberland from me while sitting on Georgia soil.

I think yesterday was the best day yet. Bill and Martha went golfing so Ash spent the morning with us. The 5 of us went to breakfast, then we walked around Sea Island. Noah got to see the 1 and 2-ft long Koi fish in the pond by the spa. I think we spent 20 minutes there just watching the fish. Then we met Bill and Martha back at the rooms. They changed and then we all went back to the beach club and rented bikes to take down the island.

Maia wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bikes. We tried putting her in the back of my bike and she pitched a bloody murder fit with huge tears rolling down her face. There was no way she was going on that bike. If she had to jump out, I think she would have. So she and I stayed back while the others went on. They were gone about an hour and when they got back, grandma & grandpa took Noah and Maia to lunch so Neil and I could do a bike ride. It was great for just the two of us to be together. We biked about 6 miles and it was the most beautiful ride. The houses on this island are amazing. Condos here start at 2.5 million (@ 1200 sq. ft and 1 bedroom) so you and I can only imaging the price of a 4,000+ sq. ft home. I can't wait to show you pictures. It was like riding through Coastal Living magazine. I loved it.

Ok, so now Neil is waiting on me. (rolling my eyes) But last night we ate dinner at the yummiest place ever, called Cargo, which was in Brunswick. Yum yum yum. We had a great time. Bill an I both cheered with Capirhinias (Beth and Rod, is this how you spell it?) in lieu of our time in Brazil 6 years ago. They were tasty! After dinner it was back to Sea Island and we hung out on the main patio again till about 9:30.

I love love love it here and don't want to leave, but off we go very soon. It's been so fabulous. I can't wait to download my pictures (all 600 - oh my!). But, unfortunately, when we get home, it's back to the drawing board with non-stop going-going. It's going to be insanely crazy. So I'm even that much more thankful for this peaceful fabulous time with our family. It's been heaven.

On my must-do-right-away list: 2 weddings to proof, 2 wedding albums to do, a couple sittings and a few orders all before I can even begin to think about packing. Then we move in just 2 weeks from this coming Monday! EEEEEEK! The last week (just one week from now) we have to paint in the new house. Anyone want to come help me do my photo work, watch my kids, help me pack or help me paint?! Please?! I'm serious. I think I'm going to need some major help. (Chel, are you sure you don't wanna come "home" and help your sis?)

Back to reality I come! Thanks for hanging out with me on my vacation. It's been fun seeing that I've had some loyal readers who've been along on vacation with me. See ya back in Illinois!


Jo said...

Literally, I am DYING to see the beach pics. You know how much i love them!!!! So glad that you had such a great trip! I adore the coastal towns in the South. xoxox, Jo

LiLi said...

It has been fun reading about your vacation, I have to live vicariously through you, as our vacations will NEVER be that lavish! LOL I, too, can not WAIT for the pictures that are to come!!! :D I wish I was there to help you with your move! As I wish you were here to help me PAINT!

Erin said...

Now I for sure can't wait to see your pictures and all the lovely houses :)

You know, I actually checked flight prices on a whim last week because I thought it would be fabulous to come out there and help you pack. Alas, I can't afford the $600 ticket. I wish!

Jen said...

pleased to read you've been having a good time
safe travels home

Michelle said...

We had an awesome time!! Great place, great food, great company, what else could you ask for! Loved getting to spend time with you all! Back to reality now...good luck with everything you have to get done in the coming weeks!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds heavenly. Glad you made it home safely.