Georgia Pictures, set 2!

Savannah pictures and tons more from the heavenly beach. I would give anything to be back there right now . . . Thanks again, Bill and Martha! Thank you so much.


Tracey said...

Love the pictures! Especially the ones of the kids at the beach. What lens were you using? And what do you find is the best way to lug around your camera on vacation?

LiLi said...

MY GOD, Val, could your children and family be more beautiful??? I can't wait to show Matt all the pictures... he may want to use some as stock photos for some of his web work. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! :) I LOVE the girls in white dresses on the beach. We do that with Maegan ... last year I didn't get her a white dress and since we went right after having Wils, I didn't get one at all, so she wore a white polo and capri jeans. Still cute, but not nearly as precious as the white dresses! I already have one for her for our trip this year... but I need a white outfit for Wils. I do their first year birthday photos on the beach! :D Thanks for sharing these memories. PRECIOUS, and I love the girl's in their sailor dresses, SO PRECIOUS!!! You are an amazing photographer... I just think you should know! xoxo

Jen said...

loved the photos
those beach bikes are coool!!!!!!!!!
never seen them before
and I agree it is a lovely family portrait
thanks for sharing

Mrs. M said...

this pic is gorgeous! I love savannah! my pics always tend to have random people, etc. in them. you are so talented! i'd totally frame this!

Johanna said...

Val, These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I can't even pick a favorite! I love love love the beach pics. I love the ones of Ella and Maia and Noah. I love the family pic of you guys. I love the scenery pics. Love so many!!!!! You are so talented! When we have kids we'll have to take you to the beach with us. ;) Thanks so much for sharing!