I dislike packing boxes because . . .

. . . it feels more like an end right now than a new beginning

. . . two married people are not capable of packing the same way. I prefer organizing as we go, marking all the boxes with exactly what is in each one, but dear hubby would prefer to throw everything from one shelf into a box and mark it "stuff"

. . . even when you feel like you have way more boxes than you need, there never are enough

. . . when I think I have everything of one kind in a box (like all of my candles), I realize there's just one more after the box has been sealed and taken downstairs. Ugh. My trying-to-stay-organized state-of-mind then starts to become mush.

. . . every once in a while I will find a tiny spider hiding in the corner of a dark box. I hate spiders.

. . . My kids keep wanting to stack them in their own way, crawl all over them, walk on them, jump on them, push them over, you get the idea. Today when I re-stacked a whole bunch of already-packed boxes, Noah goes "but that is my castle". (sigh)

. . . it makes me feel like I have way too much stuff. If you were to talk to Neil, he would say "it's not that you
feel, it's that you do". But he'd then just let it be, roll his eyes and laugh (nicely) at me. He's so good.

. . . the little people and furry friends running all over my house are No. Help. At. All.

. . . I'm afraid I'll pack something I might need tomorrow and then not be able to find it. And I'm sure it will happen.

On the flip side, I feel very fortunate that I even have this chance to pack boxes and move somewhere we really want to move to. It's definitely a blessing. But as we all know, with most things, getting to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow sometimes takes sweat, tears . . . and a little complaining :c)


Jen said...

im a bit like you would prefer to write whats in the box
and id find a way of keeping Daniel from jumping/walking on them like lock them in a room

anyways Im praying for you

Alexis Jacobs said...

Moving is such a bonding experience. Happy packing!

Erin said...

Good luck with all that! Just think...soon it will all be over and you'll be in your nice new house ; ) Yay!

Jo said...

Having just moved myself, I know EXACTLY how you feel. And because you and I are so alike, it would appear that we pack a like as well. I love what you said about the differences between how you pack and how Neil packs. SOOOOOO how Jason packed. He had like 4 boxes marked "Jason's stuff". And I was like, what is in there? And he's like, "tools, adventure magazines i wanted to keep, golf balls. camping stuff." And I'd say, "well, they can go into the tools, magazines, and sports boxes?" But her really thought it was better to have the "jason's stuff" box. Ahhhh, men. :) Hang in there kiddo. Soon enough you will be in your new home and it will all be worth it! I promise!

oh amanda said...

I know what you mean! We've lived in 5 different states since we've been married! But packing & unpacking helps you clear out a little! Just think how fun it will be to UNpack everything in your NEW house!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh the pleasures of moving...LOL

Angel Mama ():)

Tracey said...

So right there with you in packing hell! I hate it and I'm totally not organized. Also afraid I'll wind up packing something we really need, so instead I'm leaving a bunch of junk out that there's only a .03% chance we'll need in the next 2 weeks. Which means the weekend before the move (ie next weekend, eek!) will be spent in a packing frenzy, which in turn means I'll wind up with about 15 boxes with crucial stuff, all marked "crap".
I so hate moving.

Michelle said...

Good luck! It is not always fun, but the end result is well worth the effort!!

Chel said...

When we were packing for our move, Eliza would go along behind us and untape and unpack the boxes. It was like a bad packing loop.