Mac went to the hospital.

I know . . . enough about my Mac, but you see, I rely on that piece of technology like it's my best friend. Some days it is my best friend. Right now I am having a love-hate relationship with it. My whole live revolves around it. My personal and work life resides in that computer. Thank God for my two back up external hard drives (did you guys take that advice???), but still, it's only been (not even) 2 years, it shouldn't die on me already. For goodness sakes, it's a Mac! Isn't that one reason why we Mac junkies buy them?! For their reliability?

I cannot afford a new one at $2500 a pop. No way, no how, and if I do buy a new one, I would have a "but" thought going off in my head . . . but, if I already have to buy a new one, I might as well buy the bigger one because I really do need it. HA.

So I took my imac to the Mac doctor today. A sticker was put on it and into the waiting room it went with other waiting-to-be-worked-on Macs. They said it could take 3 days and that's just to tell me what's wrong and whether my hard drive can be saved. This is bad. So bad. I know they'll do their best, though. They've helped me a lot in the past.

In the meantime I guess I send out an email to my clients who are waiting on their pictures to tell them I have no idea when they'll see their proofs and/or receive their pictures, and that I don't even honestly know if I have their pictures to one day be able to print them. Tell me, now how do I eloquently tell a client this?! I swear, I don't need this now, and neither do my clients. (But who does?!)

On the flip-side, I bought two decorating books today at Barnes & Noble. It made me feel temporarily better for about 10 minutes, and that was a nice feeling.


Johanna said...

oh man. At least the decorating books are fun! I will keep my fingers double and threesies crossed and say a prayer that your Mac has a full and quick recovery. ;)

Chel said...

My journalist/layout guy husband loves Macs. It was a blow to his soul, I'm sure, when we bought a pc laptop because it was so much cheaper. Good luck.

oh amanda said...

Val, I'm sick for you!

I know this is not the same thing but I took a picture of Lydia every day for her first year. And when we moved I lost 3 months of her life. It still makes me weak in the knees to think about it.

I'm praying the Mac Doctor can fix it!

Michelle said...

Let's hope the doctor can fix this!! Your labels made me laugh! ;)

Yay fun on the decorating books!! :)

Christy said...

Next time get some new books, then sit down in their cafe and have some coffee and a sugary snack...you'll feel better for at least a half hour!


Vickie said...

I feel for you Val! I bet an ice cold margarita will make you feel better!! My fingers are crossed that all will be well soon. vic

Erin said...

Hopefully your computer gets fixed soon!

Which books were they? Do tell!

LiLi said...

OK external hard drive queen... new step, get home from wedding immediately save wedding photos to main hard drive AND EXTERNAL... thus no sticky situations w/ client... BLESS your heart. :( I hate this FOR YOU!!! I don't know what you are doing to those Macs woman, but 2 years? Not good. I hope it is something that is EASILY fixed!!!