Weekend Comings

Come visit me as I start uploading some pics over at Visions from Sea Island! There's some neat-o ones! I just did a few. More to come this weekend I hope.

This morning mom and I did Race for the Cure in lieu of Grandma Libby. We had a great time and I'll post a couple pics later. (We love you, grandma!)

I'm off in a bit to see Jenny-Jen and I absolutely cannot wait! It's been almost a year . . . wow. We're going to shop shop shop without kids kids kids! Barnes & Noble, World Market, Macy's here we come! (Yay!)

Tonight I meet up with two friends, Heather and Mandy. Mandy is visiting from Cincinati. We are looking forward to chips, 'ritas and catching up. We all need the 'ritas pretty darn badly. It'll be so fun!

Tomorrow we get to get into our new house to see it empty and figure out how much paint we'll need when we start buying paint for it this week. I love painting! I cannot wait to start. Oh, and the offer to come help me is still up. I swear you won't regret it. I always offer coffee, treats and wine! :c)

Tomorrow night I decided to go ahead and start packing up my office. The work I still have to do I can do with most everything packed up. I might as well put a dent in it. It's going to be a lot of work!

Neil is spending the day with the kids. Actually, I think a nap for all is in the very near hours. Both kids were up at 5 this morning. No idea why?! So, he's hoping to take a nap when they do. I hope he can, too, because he didn't get to have a Father's Day like I had wanted him to (we were flying 2 hours and driving in a car for 5 hours). I think just a nap would make him quite happy!

Going to paint my nails, put on makeup and then head out the door. I'm not thinking about my computer at all today. Nope I'm not (except for now, ha!). I'm bound and determined to make this a stress free, wonderfully fantastic day. Hoping it is for you, too!

Oh! And I guess I'm Rockin?! Jen from New Zealand nominated me for another award. You guys are all way too sweet and rewarding to me. Thank you, Jen. Thank you everyone for loving my blogs . . . and me!



Erin said...

Have a fabulous day with all your fun!

Michelle said...

Hope you are having a great time!! :)

Jen said...

enjoy your time with Jenny-Jen

Im pleased I made your day sweetie

Jamie said...

Val sounds like you have been busy busy!! Hope you had a great day off and tons of girl fun!!

MP said...

Have you heard of Ooops Paint? Lowe's, Home Depot..all of them have paint they mixed that the person didn't want. Gallons and Gallons of paint. A girl I work withs siser painted every room in her house for $26.00 total. That was a mix of Sherman Williams and Ralph Lauren paint. Check it out before you spend a fortune!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Hope it all went well.