My weekend . . . in pictures.

So I know we are already to Hump Day, so also almost to the next weekend. But let's just pretend for a minute that I'm on top of things and that this is Monday, k? Just humor me :c) I'm not even doing WW today. But wait, it's not Wednesday, it's Monday! (wink) So that means I am on top of things. Way to go, Val!

Last weekend . . . a great weekend . . . and one of my less stressed and hurried weekends in a long time, and I know in a long time to come as well! So I thought I'd post pictures since I kinda photo-journalized my days anyhow.

Erin had asked what books I bought while at B&N last week. Here they are. One is country, which if you know me, I don't scream "country", however I have a strong love of vintage style, and this book had quite a bit of it, hence, why I bought it! The other one is totally me. In-style, but in a less expensive type of way!

Saturday morning my mom and I did Race for the Cure. We walked in honor of my Grandma Libby, mom's mother. I had done the Race before, mom had not. She was so glad she had that opportunity. We had over 4100 in our race here in town. It was empowering, yet so very emotional. Here we are in pictures after the race. I forgot my camera, so these were taken when we got back to my house. And the one picture on the top right is our bag of yummies. I love freebies!

Then I drove to Springfield to meet up with Jen. Jen use to live on my block. We became the best of friends. I know God put her on my street for such a short amount of time so that we would meet and be friends forever. She and her family now live in Hattiesburg, MS. I haven't seen her in almost 1 year. And I've missed her. A lot. This is me on my way to visit Jen. I had NO KIDS IN THE CAR (Amen to that!) and I got to listen to my music (Regina Spektor) and I got to think quietly in peace. It was heavenly.

Here is Jenny-Jen and myself! We had to get coffee (why of course!) and we also hit the stores (um, hello, duh!). Jen had to get a dress for a wedding she was going to that evening. This picture here is of one she bought. She bought two and she called me later saying this was the one she wore (it was my fave!). And, as you can see, I had such fun with the 3-way mirrors! It was so great seeing her. Time was way way way too short, though. We're planning on getting together again late summer or early fall.

Then I hurried home to freshen up for dinner with Mandy & Heather. When I walked into my house, I saw this. I guess this pile of newspapers kept the kids occupied while Neil packed some boxes. Whatever it takes, I guess? I was just glad I could turn around and leave again!

Dinner was great. I know both Mandy and Heather from grade school . . . kindergarten through our senior year of high school, actually! Wow, that is a lot of years. Mandy is now in Cincinnati, and she came "home" for the weekend. So we all got together for Mexican food and 'ritas and had an absolutely wonderful girly-girl time! So up above are some fun pics of my girl, Heather. And the one on the bottom right is a picture I took of a picture on her camera of her at her zoo taking care of her Cheetahs. Yep, those are hers!

Halfway through our 4-1/2 hours at the restaurant, we called my best boy friends, Jeff and Brian, to see if they'd join us. Of course they did! We had such a great time, too. Jeff and Mandy got into some heated - yet friendly - arguments over evolution and Christianity. Jeff, a Christian, tried his best to give his argument and she tried her best to give hers on evolution. Mandy is going for her doctrine and her study is in evolution. It's really really hard to get her to understand how we believe that God is the creator of all things and that once we die, we will forever live again. But, then I understand that it's hard for her to believe it when she has had such in-depth study of evolution, and have been taught by professors who are not Christians. I cannot judge her or what she believes, and I won't. Jeff didn't either. He just tried to help her believe. (That's what we are suppose to do.) I love Mandy so much. I just pray she will one day change from Agnostic/Atheist to becoming a Christian. I pray very hard for this, actually. My heart aches that she feels she is going to hell and laughs about it. I so badly want to change that. But I know it's out of my hands.

On a lighter note, we had lots of margaritas. Lots. We had a wonderful time and I look forward to more to come. We're trying to talk Mandy to moving back home! (Hint, hint if you read this, Mandeline!)

Then Sunday we got to get back into our very-soon-to-be house to try and decide on colors for the house. In the kitchen we were trying to match up light yellows to paint over the mustard-y color. And then I found some master bathroom decor which I just stumbled upon (the best kind of buys!) which were way on clearance at Bergner's and are the perfect match to the color we are painting the master bedroom! I love good buys and pretty things!

Happy 4th of July to my readers! Friday we close on the new house! I am so so so excited! Offer still stands for the weekend painting fun! My mom is making Italian Beef and I'm bringing other food and of course, drinks! We may even be without kids thanks to O'ma! Let's kick some wall-painting booty! :c)

Oh, and I got my computer back with a new hard drive. I have yet to turn the darn thing on. The thought stresses me out.


Tracey said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Some fun before moving madness sets in. If I wasn't closing on our new place in 1 week (ACK!) I'd come down and help you paint, but somehow I think Dan would kill me if I took off for painting fun the last weekend we have to pack. ;c) Hope the close goes smoothly and you get settled in fast. When's the offical move-in date?

it's me, Val said...

Trace, ha!, yep he would kill you. That's totally ok! :) We can just pretend you are here and I'll pretend I'm there with you helping --- that way we're fair! ;)

Move-in-date July 14th!! :)

Soooo excited!

Ruth said...

soooo fun that you posted your weekend in pics CUZ that is EXACTLY what i have been trying to do all - day - long!
and it still ain't up.


Jen said...

good on you and your mum

so pleased you had a great kid free time with your friend

and a great dinner with your other frined. What an interesting job Heather has

Deborah said...

your pictures tell the best stories! Thanks for sharing :)

Good luck on your closing.

Cerella said...

Okay, the only thing that I can't get out of my head is WHY ARE YOU ON WW????

Johanna said...

FUN!!! Good luck on the closing tomorrow. What FUN! We are going to be in Argenta next weekend- can we get together?!!!! I'll write more to you in an email.

Erin said...

Great pictures (love, love, love the one of you in the car...so great!). And thanks for posting pictures of your new books, they look like really good. Seriously, if I could get away I'd be there in a second to help you. It would probably be really cathartic for me too. I could definitely use time away somewhere : ) Oh, well. Have fun.

it's me, Val said...

Erin, I know you would be :( I wish I could come pick you up and magically bring you here so you could get away. One day we'll get together and paint and design our little hearts out . . . probably shop . . . and do lots of gabbing. :) I look forward to that day. Until then, take good care of yourself, and your daddy. He'll be "back" to his old self. He's lucky to have you.

it's me, Val said...

Cerella, I finally realized what you meant! WW for me = Wordless Wednesday :)

Cerella said...

Girl, I feel like a putz! Sorry! Of course to me WW has always been Weight Watchers! Too funny!

Cerella said...

I'm also absolutely LOVING that picture of you in your car! You are gorgeous! You have always reminded me of Alanis Morisette....but prettier!

Louise said...

Sounds like a TONNE of fun!! LOVE LOVE LOVE girls nights or coffee dates..just way too much fun..have a few drinks loose track of time...well if you ever get up to our neck of the woods me you and Erin have to go out!!
Have fun packing girl!

it's me, Val said...

Cerella, I was racking my brain thinkin' what possibly could WW mean, and then I googled it! I was thinking oh my goodness how vain Cerella probably thinks I am --- and I'm so totally not! You're so not a putz, either! And, girl, thank you so much for the absolutely sweetest compliments ever. You made my day. This is how vain I am not. It's hard for me to think very positive about myself. I think hitting 30 made me realize there is more to life than feeling self-conscious and wishing I were someone I wasn't. It was then that my self-worth flourished! I'm finally happy being in the skin I am in :) Thanks again for giving me that smile and helping me embrace my 30-ness!

it's me, Val said...

Louise . . . definitely!! A must. And it will happen!

Michelle said...

Love "seeing" what you've been up to!! :)

Best of luck with all the painting and packing!


oh amanda said...

Fun, Val! I have the same Race for the Cure shirt! (Actually, mine might be pink & green.) Wasn't it a cool experience? So different than I thought.

Interesting about the creation/evolution. FWIW, ever heard of http://www.answersingenesis.org/? It's the best creations stuff I've ever seen. Quality.

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, I'm here, I've been reading, just not commenting.
I know, I know, readers are supposed to comment, aren't we?!?

So great that you walked Race For a Cure in honor of your Grandma! I love the picture of you, your mom and Maia.

it's me, Val said...

a, I have not checked that out yet, but so totally plan to. (thank you:))

And yes, Cor ;) But I forgive you :):)